Guardian Angel Cahetel to expel evil spirits and also to receive God’s blessing

Guardian angel Cahetel is invoked in cases of possessions, this in order to expel evil spirits and also to receive God’s blessing. As well as its Greek equivalent, Demeter, the angel Cahetel is directly linked to agriculture, so that people under his influence will have great virtues and achieve important achievements in this area. Good fortune and generosity are characteristic of these individuals, who obtain important results from their sacrifices just like the harvest in agriculture.

Those born under the influence of this angel are distinguished by their sense of commitment, responsibility and discipline, and that is why they achieve success. They have been blessed with abundance and fertility, and are aware that depending on their effort and dedication they will be able to consolidate their lives and thank God for all that he has given them.

“Come, let us worship and prostrate ourselves;
Let’s kneel before Jehovah our Maker. ”
Psalm 95, verse 6


Angel Type: Seraph
Prince: Metatron
Planet Mercury
Color: Gray, white and green
Plant: Anise, clove and oregano
Metal: Mercury
Stone: Marine Water
Teacher: The Morya
Regency: January 13, March 27, June 8, August 20 and November 1.
Hebrew name: כָהֵתָאֵל

Those born between April 26 and 30 have done so under the influence of Cahetel.
The successful invocation of the angel Cahetel must take place between 02:20 and 02:40 hours.

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