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Guardian Angel Daniel for justice and law related issues

by Peter Vermeeren

Guardian Angel Daniel is known as the angel of confessions and mercy, so he is invoked to be consoled and get divine compassion. For lawyers it is essential for the quality of their benefits in judicial matters. Those born under the influence of this angel are characterized by serenity and calmness in difficult moments, because they know how to take their time to think things through before taking any kind of decision. In the image we can find this angel with a scepter in his hand, a symbol of justice and balance, while in the other he holds a lamp with a rainbow inside, which speaks to us of the light product of divine action.

They are intuitive, sensitive and condescending people, who know how to accept their mistakes and do not get carried away by pride or arrogance. Sometimes they are slow to act, but this is due to their process to analyze situations and make the best decision, this is why they are excellent judges and lawyers.

Those born between November 28 and December 2 have done so under the influence of Daniel.
The invocation of the angel Daniel must be performed between 4:20 and 4:40.

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