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Guardian Angel Elemiah to overcome the afflictions of the spirit and discover the traitors to protect us from misfortune

by Peter Vermeeren

Guardian angel elemiah is commonly related to mysteries and everything that humanity does not know. It is usually invoked to overcome the afflictions of the spirit and discover the traitors to protect us from misfortune. Under the influence of this angel we find subtle and not at all selfish people, who share every experience of life on a spiritual level that they have achieved over the years. They are risky people, who usually undertake difficult or almost impossible trips in the hope that after problems and obstacles they will find a reward for their sacrifices.

Among its greatest virtues we find the ability to make each place they visit a better place, and their firm belief that everything can be better leads them to fulfill their all goals. Qualities Those born under the influence of this angel are characterized by being enterprising, understanding, serene and intuitive people. The perfect balance between risk and prudence with which they manage to live leads them to obtain great benefits not only for themselves, but also for those around them. They manage to deliver to the afflicted serenity and hope.

“Become, O Jehovah, deliver my soul; Save me for your mercy. ” Psalm 6, verse 4


  • Angel Type: Seraph
  • Prince: Metatron
  • Planet: Sun Golden colour
  • Plant: Cinnamon, chamomile and rue
  • Metal: Gold
  • Stone: Diamond
  • Teacher: The Morya
  • Regency: January 9, March 23, June 4, August 16 and October 28
  • Hebrew name: עָלָמֵיָה

Those born between April 05 and 09 have done so under the influence of Elémiah. The correct invocation of this angel must take place between 01:00 and 01:20 hours.

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