Guardian Angel Eyael to obtain comfort in difficult situations and receive joy, fortune and wisdom

Guardian Angel Eyael is invoked to obtain comfort in difficult situations and receive joy, fortune and wisdom. It is also used for longevity and positive changes. The image shows this angel with the twelve zodiac signs in one hand and a flaming torch in the other, this indicates the love of those born under their influence by the stars and their relationship with humanity. They are usually scholars of astrology and the connection of the universe with people to feed their spirit and learn the secrets of the cosmos. At the bottom we can see two pigeons that feed on the sun, which means that for them the most important thing is to feed and cultivate their mind and spirit, while the butterfly of the frame indicates the transformation and evolution they seek with the acquired knowledge. It is a metaphor for the lightness necessary to achieve enlightenment.

These people are characterized by their intense study of the occult sciences and the need to inquire about the connection and relationship between the cosmos and humanity. They tend to get away sporadically from society to reflect and draw their own conclusions about the metamorphosis of each living being, as well as struggle to establish a personal harmony with nature. They are educated, sincere, understanding and faithful to their ideals.

“Delight yourself in Jehovah,
And he will grant you the requests of your heart. ”
Psalm 37, verse 4.
Angel Type: Angels
Prince: Gabriel
Planet Saturn
Color: Violet
Plant: Chrysanthemum
Metal: Lead
Stone: Amethyst
Teacher: Saint Germain
Regency: March 11, May 25, August 6, October 18 and December 30
Hebrew name: אָיֹעָאֵל

Those born between February 20 and 24 have done so under the influence of Eyael.
The appropriate time to invoke this angel is between 10:00 p.m. and 10:20 p.m.

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by Peter on January 20, 2020

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by Jaecen Samael Cain Edmunds on January 20, 2020

Hello, My name is Jaecen, Jay, Jace for short. I dont remember a time in my life that was not dedicated to religion, Spirituality, Psychology, Parapsychology, philosophy, and collecting all things from the above subjects. I am an Aquisces, born upon the cusp the 22nd of February, guarded by my guardian angel Eiael, however, finding complete knowledge on Eiael has been exhausting as well as unable to collect a single piece of Jewelry on Eiael, I have searched high and low to find a ring with Eiaels Sign, seal, sigils, and signature. I am making this comment because you seem to have done your research on the 72.
I have a college certificate in Astrology Parapsychology, a University BSc.Behavioral Psychology with a minor in Theology, and a Doctorate degree in Divinity with double minors in Demonology and Clinical psychology.
My entire life devoted to the understanding of what is. I am in need of a ring with the angel Eials sign, seal, , sigil, and signature. If you can help me I will be forever in your debt, and You would be surprised bc I always pay my debts, nomatter how big.
Please help me.
Sincerely J.S.C.Edmunds.


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