Guardian Angel Haamiah for physical protection

by Peter Vermeeren

The angel Haamiah is related to hope and faith over the earthly ones, for which reason it is invoked to protect us from evil spirits, weapons, frauds and ferocious animals, as well as to consolidate our projects and receive the earthly and heavenly prizes . This angel can be interpreted as the perfect understanding of man towards different religions and heavenly manifestations. Perhaps it is one of the angels that covers the most terrain, because its manifestations transcend in the material and spiritual field, because it gives its guardians the ability to understand every point of view, regardless of religion, creed or race.

Those born under the guardianship of this angel are fragile, sensitive and very emotional people, which manage to capture every vibration that nature manifests through plants, animals and human behavior. Sincere, passionate and meditative, they are usually enemies of all dogma or fanaticism, because they find in the variety of knowledge the spiritual peace that rejoices them.

“Because you have set the Lord, who is my hope,
Al Altísimo for your room ”
Psalm 91, verse 9.
Angel type: Powers
Prince: Kamael
Planet: Luna
Color: White and silver
Plant: Chicoria
Metal: Plant
Stone: Pearl
Teacher: Prince Uriel
Regency: February 12, April 26, July 8, September 19 and December 1
Name in Hebrew: חֵעָמֵיָה

Those born between September 29 and October 3 have done so under the influence of Haamiah.
The proper invocation of this angel must be done between 12:20 and 12:40 hours.

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