Guardian Angel Haiayel to get rid of enemies, confuse traitors and eliminate oppression

Haiayel is frequently invoked to get rid of enemies, confuse traitors and eliminate oppression around us. It is possible to find this angel in images with a dove perched on one hand while on the other he holds a trumpet, which makes clear reference to peace and war calls. Those born under the influence of this angel understand that to get everything and how much they want they must fight with fierceness and perseverance, as well as be willing to make great sacrifices. The bay leaves and the shield endowed with two spears and a sword means the wisdom with which to face future situations, always being fair and avoiding hurting others to get what we want.

They are hardworking, determined and sacrificed people, who despite their spirit of dedication and dedication know how to give themselves time to rest, because they are aware that in order to prosper in any company, a balance between work and relaxation must be maintained. Their sense of justice leads them to fulfill their dreams in the right way, and they manage to combat their negative feelings and difficulties with honor and integrity. They hate falsehood and try to surround themselves with people who contribute to their spiritual growth.

“I will praise Jehovah greatly with my mouth,
And in the midst of many I will praise him. ”
Psalm 109, verse 30.
Angel Type: Angels
Prince: Gabriel
Planet Mars
Color: Red and Orange
Plant: Ginger and parsley
Metal: Iron
Stone: Ruby
Teacher: Saint Germain
Regency: January 3, March 17, March 29, August 10, October 22
Hebrew name: הֵיֹיֹאֵל

Those born between March 11 and 15 have done so under the influence of Haiayel.
This angel must be invoked between 23:20 and 23:23:40 hours.

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