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Guardian Angel Jabamiah to obtain spiritual evolution

by Peter Vermeeren

Guardian Angel Jamabiah is invoked to obtain spiritual evolution, as well as to possess the right words at the time of negotiations. This angel dominates the changes of nature and the course of life. Holding a flower in one hand and in the other a mixture of sulfur and mercury, Jamabiah tells us about transformation and changes. In ancient times, the alchemists sought to convert all metals into gold, and it also indicates the need to polish all our talents to reach perfection. The old man locked in the pipette means the spiritual recollection to which man must undergo to reach such degrees of enlightenment, while the hypoglyphs represent the successful completion of these processes until they reach perfection.

These are people who love both material and spiritual transformation. They are creative, original and dedicated, which makes them stand out in the arts or medicine, where they will find new methods in disease treatments and other advances. The natives of this angel usually give their lives to the study and research of new things that help humanity, while in the home and family they can be constant, understanding, tolerant and never routine.
“He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High
He will dwell under the shadow of the Almighty. ”
Psalm 91, verse 1.
Angel Type: Angels
Prince: Gabriel
Planet Jupiter
Color blue
Plant: Fennel and eucalyptus
Metal: Tin
Stone: Sapphire
Teacher: Saint Germain
Regency: January 2, March 16, May 28, August 9 and October 21
Hebrew name: יֹבֵמֵיָה

Those born between March 6 and 10 have done so under the influence of Jabamiah.
It is necessary to invoke this angel between 23:00 and 23:20 hours.

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