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Guardian Angel Jeliel to overcome conflicts

by Peter Vermeeren

This angel is related to mercy and divine protection. Jéliel is invoked in situations of popular conflicts, or to overcome enemies and unfair attacks against us. In the second place we find those born under the angel Jeliel, people connected to the idea of ​​conjugal relationships that are forged based on sincerity, fidelity and love. They are receptive, tolerant, tender and understanding, which leads them to be ideal and trusting couples. They usually worry not only about their relationships but also know how to restore peace in other couples. They are calm and serene beings in difficult moments, and in case of being artists they manage to feel in their works the intangible feelings with which the human being enjoys and rejoices.

We can find in those born under this angel passionate people, faithful, peaceful and conciliatory in complex cases. His priority is everything related to matters of the heart and love, where they are shown as sincere, loyal and loving people.
“But you, Jehovah, stay not far;
Fortress of mine, hurry to help me. ”
Psalm 22, verse 19
Angel type: Seraphim
Prince: Metatron
Planet Mars
Color: Orange and red
Plant: Ginger and parsley
Metal: Iron
Stone: Ruby
Teacher: El Morya
Regency: January 7, March 21, June 2, August 14 and October 26
Name in Hebrew: יֹלָיֹאֵל

Those born between March 26 and 30 have done so under the influence of Jéliel.
The invocation time of this angel must be done between 00:20 and 00:40 hours.

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