Guardian Angel Lauviah, the Admirable God

Guardian Angel Lauviah, the Admirable God

Who is Lauviah

Lauviah is the 1st of the Thrones, and deals in Binah with the affairs of Hochmah. It places in our Abode 17 the essence called Revelation, which allows us to glimpse in an instant the great mystery of the world.

The chorus of Thrones inscribes in us the laws of the universe, but the first "scroll" (a term taken from the Apocalypse of John, commented by Kabaleb, in his Interpretation of Genesis lessons) that they introduce into our thinking, is the one that encloses the ability to understand instantly, without study or analysis.

It is the one that reveals the truth to us, without demanding proof, because the internal vision is so intense that no university scholar will be able to distort it. Lauviah reveals a truth to us that we cannot prove, but for us it will be an eternal truth.

The genius works against torments of the spirit, sadness and to sleep well, says the program.

It is invoked against the torments of the spirit and against sadness.

If you were born from June 12 to 16, your Angel is: Lauviah
His name means: "ADMIRABLE GOD"
Belongs to the Choir: THRONES
The Essence it brings: Revelation
Prince: Tsaphkiel
Your Planet: Sun
Zodiac Sign: Gemini
Yellow color
Plant: Rue, Chamomile and Cinnamon
Metal: Gold
Stone: Diamond
Teacher: Veneziano

How can Lauviah help you?

  • Resumption of old affections or friendships.
  • Rest well at night and overcome insomnia.
  • Revelations during sleep. Prophetic dreams
  • Inspiration for the exercise of journalism, philosophy, poetry.
  • Perceive the internal truth and know how to distinguish what is false.

When to Summon  Lauviah

It must be invoked: from June 12 to 16 inclusive, all day and night. Those born on these dates can invoke it all year round and at any time. Also: April 6, June 20, September 3, November 15, January 25, all day too.

In the daily cycle: from 5.20 a.m. to 5.40 a.m., after sunrise.