Guardian Angel Lezalel for friendship, reconciliation and good relationships

The Guardian angel Lézalel is glorified on many things, which leads him to be the right to get favors related to friendship, reconciliation and good relationships. The greatest concerns for those born under the influence of this angel are fidelity and loyalty, where they will find all the meaning of their lives. The subtlety that marks their lives leads them to consolidate affective relationships, not only at a couple level but also with the people around them.

Fidelity, loyalty and sincerity are the most interesting qualities of the people born under the influence of this angel, which give their relationships the importance that each of them deserves. They manage to find happiness by giving their trust and tenderness to the people around them, so they can not be considered as selfish people.

“Sing joy to the LORD, all the earth;
Reaise the voice, clap and sing psalms.”
Psalm 98, verse 4

Angel type: Cherub
Prince: Raziel
Planet Jupiter
Color blue
Plant: Eucalyptus and fennel
Metal: Tin
Stone: Sapphire
Teacher: Nothing
Regency: January 18, April 1, June 13, August 25 and November 6
Name in Hebrew: יֹזָלָאֵל

Those born between May 21 and 25 have done so under the influence of Lézalel.
The successful invocation of this angel must be performed between 04:00 and 04:20.

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