Guardian Angel Mebahel to appropriate the property of others and to protect the fortune

Guardian angel Mebahel is related to the ability to keep our assets, which is often invoked against people who want to appropriate the property of others and to protect the fortune. The people influenced by the angel Mébahel are delivered, discreet and sagacious, which hardly manage to be deceived. They have a great knowledge of justice, and that is why in case of feeling threatened their integrity or those of their close beings will fight with fierceness until they achieve the vanishing of any veil or vestige of outrage.

Qualities They are people with a great sense of justice and morality, who devote a large part of their lives to defending the weakest of injustice and immorality. Their greatest achievements will be obtained in diplomatic or judicial work. Those born under the influence of this angel abhor slander, hypocrisy and lies. “The LORD will be a refuge for the poor, Shelter for the time of anguish. ” Psalm 9, verse 9.

  • Properties Angel type: Cherub
  • Prince: Raziel
  • Planet Jupiter
  • Color blue
  • Plant: Fennel and eucalyptus
  • Metal: Tin
  • Stone: Sapphire
  • Teacher: Nothing
  • Regency: January 19, April 2, June 14, August 26 and November 7
  • Name in Hebrew: מֵבֵהֵאֵל

Those born between May 26 and 31 have done so under the influence of Mébahel. The invocation of the Angel Mébahel must be carried out between 04:20 and 04:40 hours.

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