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Guardian Angel Menadel to establish our economy or maintain and improve our way of life

by Peter Vermeeren

It is possible to relate this angel to serenity and patience, for which reason it is invoked to combat the slander against us, as well as to establish our economy or maintain and improve our way of life. The main virtues granted by this angel are liberation and rebirth, so after a spiritual process, those born under Ménadel manage to overcome obstacles more easily than others. The spiritual process that we mention refers to maturity, and they are usually happy people, because they achieve their goals effectively and quickly, especially at a professional level.

They are positive, serene and pure people, who rarely let themselves be carried away by vices and temptation. In case of feeling dissatisfied with some kind of feeling they do their best to get rid of it quickly and safely. They avoid as much as possible the misunderstandings and the discussions with their relatives, because they are aware of their temperament and pride.

“Jehovah, the room of your house I have loved,
And the place of the abode of your glory. ”
Psalm 26, verse 8
Angel type: Powers
Prince: Kamael
Planet Mercury
Color: White, green and gray
Plant: Anise, clove and oregano
Metal: Mercury
Stone: Marine Water
Teacher: Prince Uriel
Regency: February 10, April 24, July 6, September 17 and November 29
Name in Hebrew: מֵנֻדַאֵל

Those born between September 18 and 23 have done so under the influence of Ménadel.
The invocation of the angel Ménadel must be performed between 11:40 and 12:00 hours.

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