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Guardian Angel Mitzrael for consolation and serenity

by Peter Vermeeren

Due to its relationship with consolation and serenity, this angel is invoked to achieve peace and calm in difficult times. It is also evoked to ward off evil spirits and deflect enemy attacks. In the image the angel has a lyre in his hand, which is related to the Greek god of medicine Apollo, and beasts are also observed on the ground wallowing, which is linked to the battle against diseases that may attack our mind. In the lower part is a man polishing a golden crown, which tells us of the need of man to work on his gifts, it is useless to be born with a natural talent if you do not work with effort and dedication to polish it. You can also see some compasses, which indicate the need for a spiritual guide to magnify ourselves through our virtues.

The greatest achievement of these people is at the mental level, because they achieve an almost perfect balance between reason and feelings, which shows them as very objective and accurate people. They are true to their ideals, and they fight relentlessly and fiercely to make their dreams come true. They tend to cultivate all their experiences to use the teachings of these in a special project, which usually generates the realization that seeks at a social level.

“Praise you, O LORD, all your works,
And your saints bless you. ”
Psalm 145, verse 10.
Angel type: Archangels
Prince: Mikael
Planet: Sun
Golden colour
Plant: Cinnamon, chamomile and rue
Metal: Gold
Stone: Diamond
Teacher: Lanto
Regency: March 6, May 18, July 30, October 11 and December 23
Name in Hebrew: מֵצָרֵאֵל

Those born between January 16 and 20 have done so under the influence of Mitzrael.
The invocation of the angel Mitzrael must take place between 7:40 and 8:00 p.m.

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