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Guardian Angel Mumiah for protection against hazards and promotes longevity

by Peter Vermeeren

Guardian Angel Mumiah is represented as the omega, the end of all things, and must be invoked to achieve the culmination of our projects. It is evoked to achieve protection against hazards and promotes longevity. It is common to find Mumiah in the images throwing some dry leaves while in the other hand shows the offspring of a plant, it is for this reason that this angel is linked at the end of one stage and the beginning of another. Those born under their influence find in the changes the motivation that keeps their lives awake. They understand that in order to begin a new stage successfully, they must complete the previous stage completely, and for this reason they stand out for their multiple achievements and honors. The elder and the child at the bottom represent the wisdom and ignorance that stand out for man at every stage of his life, and the burning snake that bites his tail is synonymous with the infinite cycles of life.


These are people who love changes and fortune. They are characterized by being active, industrious and faithful to their ideals, qualities that make them excellent leaders. Those protected by this angel are usually tolerant, understanding but somewhat stubborn, find happiness sharing their tastes and passions with people as active and intellectual as they are, and are enemies of mediocrity, so they are always inquiring about what they do not know . They abhor conformism, for this reason they achieve many successes at a professional level, because when they manage to reach the peak of a project, they immediately draw another one. “Return, O my soul, to your rest, Because the Lord has done you good. ” Psalm 116, verse 7.

  • Properties Angel type: Angels
  • Prince: Gabriel
  • Planet Mars
  • Color: Orange and red
  • Plant: Parsley and ginger
  • Metal: Iron
  • Stone: Ruby
  • Teacher: Saint Germain
  • Regency: January 4, March 18, May 30, August 11, October 23
  • Name in Hebrew: מֵוָמֵיָה

Those born between March 16 and 20 have done so under the influence of Mumiah. To invoke Mumuah properly, it must be done between 23:40 and 00:00.

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