Guardian Angel Nelchael to combat the curses, to ward off bad energies and slanderers

Guardian angel Nelchael is related to fame and fortune, his invocation must be done to combat the curses, to ward off bad energies and slanderers. Those born under the regency of this angel will find in the universe, its mysteries and secrets, all the reasons for its existence. They are optimistic people and desirous of knowledge, so they will frequently obtain their greatest achievements in the field of study and research of any kind. It is possible to mention that his greatest achievements will be found in the triumph over ignorance. Qualities Those born under the power of this angel are characterized by having a perfect balance between intuition and reason, so it is possible to see them one step ahead of others. The unknown is the engine that encourages their lives, because they feel the need to always investigate and explore to get answers. Sincere, disciplined, responsible and persevering.

“But I trust in you, O Jehovah; I say: You are my God. Psalm 31, verses 14

“In your hand are my times; Deliver me from the hand of my enemies and my persecutors. ” Psalm 31, verse 15


  • Type of angel: Thrones
  • Prince: Tzadkiel
  • Planet Mercury
  • Color: Gray, green and white
  • Plant: Oregano and anise
  • Metal: Mercury
  • Stone: Marine Water
  • Teacher: Veneziano
  • Regency: January 26, April 9, June 21, September 2 and November 14
  • Hebrew name: נֻלָכָאֵל

Those born between July 02 and 06 have done so under the influence of Nelchael. It is necessary to invoke this angel between 06.40 and 07.00 hours.

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