Guardian Angel Pahaliah for moral, redemption, spirituality and theology

Guardian angel Pahaliah dominates over morals, redemption, spirituality and theology. Those born under the protection of Pahaliah are usually people of high spirituality, lovers of truth and everything that is pure and clear. Their actions are usually appreciated for being clean and free of any convenience. They love to investigate and seek answers to every mystery that nature poses to them, and due to their discipline and wisdom they tend to surround themselves with people similar to them. Rarely do they get carried away by their instincts or desires, for they know well that peace will be found far from temptations.

Those ruled by the angel Pahaliah are merciful, pious and benevolent beings, who find the path of enlightenment in the tranquility and peace granted by divine teachings. They are reserved, lonely and complex people, who often go through asocials, but in reality their main interest is to analyze human behavior and thus leave a positive legacy.

“Deliver my soul, O Lord, from the lying lip,
And of the fraudulent language. ”
Psalm 120, verse 2.
Type of angel: Thrones
Prince: Tzadkiel
Planet: Venus
Green color
Plant: Clove and mint
Copper metal
Stone: Emerald
Teacher: Veneziano
Regency: January 25, April 8, June 20, September 1 and November 13
Hebrew name: פֵהֵלָיָה

Those born between June 27 and July 1 have done so under the influence of Pahaliah.
This angel must be invoked between 06:20 and 06:40 hours.

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