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Guardian Angel Rochel for finding the lost objects

by Peter Vermeeren

Guardian angel Rochel, due to its connection with the revelations and the mysteries, is invoked with the intention of finding the lost objects, and in case of robberies to reveal the person who stole them. Frequently related to the Greek god Hermes, Rochel is represented with winged sandals in one hand while in the other shows a precious stone. This refers to the ability of those born under their influence to discover treason, deceit and thefts. On the other hand you can also see in the image a balance and a man contemplating a star, which speaks of his desires for justice and equality in humanity. The stars that are observed are synonymous with their ideals and their desire to make visible what is not evident.

They are sincere people with a great sense of justice, which is why they tend to stand out in professions such as law and law. They have clear limitations and freedoms, which is why they are hardly involved in problems or conflicts. They are great peacemakers and mediators, as well as giving the necessary importance to affective and work relationships.

“Jehovah is the portion of my inheritance and my cup;
You sustain my luck. ”
Psalm 16, verse 5.
Angel type: Angels
Prince: Gabriel
Planet Jupiter
Color blue
Plant: Eucalyptus and fennel
Metal: Tin
Stone: Sapphire
Teacher: Saint Germain
Regency: January 1, March 15, May 27, August 8 and October 20
Name in Hebrew: רֵאָהֵאֵל

Those born between 01 and 05 March have done so under the influence of Rochel.
It is necessary to make the invocation of this angel between 22:40 and 23:00 hours.

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