Guardian Angel Sitael for protection and refuge in the face of adversity

Guardian angel Sitael is popularly associated with hope, and is invoked in search of protection and refuge in the face of adversity. For those born under this angel, the highest quality is based on the words, because they think that God created the universe with his words, and a promise or verb pronounced should be a solid and fulfilled fact. They hate lies and betrayal, and in their lives the most important thing is to find and surround themselves with people who are just as serious to them. With an impassable will, they are faithful to their convictions and in general to their principles. They plan each step, in their life everything must be according to their needs and they do not leave anything to chance, because they do not believe in coincidences.

Those born under the influence of this angel are understanding, reasonable, dedicated and loyal people, which are ideal to occupy high positions for their leadership ability. Their high sense of responsibility, as well as their love for the truth, leads them to become the executioner of lies and hypocrisy.

“I will say to Jehovah: My hope, and my castle;
My God, in whom I will trust. ”
Psalm 91, verse 2
Angel type: Seraphim
Prince: Metatron
Planet: Sun
Golden colour
Plant: Rue, chamomile and cinnamon
Metal: Gold
Stone: Diamond
Teacher: El Morya
Regency: January 8, March 22, June 3, August 15 and October 27
Name in Hebrew: סָיֹטֵאֵל

Those born between 01 and 04 April have done so under the influence of Sitael.
The correct time to invoke the angel Litael is between 00:40 and 01:00.

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