Related to goodness and good sense, guardian angel umabel is invoked to achieve friendship with someone and to carry out good relationships. It also favors businesses and societies. The deduction of the interpretation of the image is based on the two hearts united by a chain, which speaks of fraternity among peers. The images of the elm broken by lightning, as well as the vine tells us of the consolation of friends in unfortunate situations, while their layer with astrological signs tells us of the great that they can get to have with nature.

Understanding, tolerance, trust and loyalty are the greatest virtues of those born under the domination of the angel Umabel, which makes them excellent friends and confidants. On the other hand, they know how to balance their priorities and maintain harmony with those around them, since they know how to share their victories and console in defeats. The fundamental principles of these people are governed by the manifestations of nature, where they find relief for their afflictions and is a safe haven at the time of meditation.

“Be the name of Jehovah blessed
From now on and forever. ”
Psalm 113, verse 2.
Angel type: Archangels
Prince: Mikael
Planet: Venus
Green color
Plant: Mint and clove
Copper metal
Stone: Esmeralda
Teacher: Lanto
Regency: March 7, May 19, July 31, October 12 and December 24
Name in Hebrew: וָמֵבֵאֵל

Those born between January 21 and 25 have done so under the influence of Umabel.
This angel must be invoked between 8:00 p.m. and 8:20 p.m.

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