Guardian Angel Yéiayel must be invoked to receive protection during a trip

Guardian Angel Yeiayel is related with justice and neutrality. Its domains are exercised on diplomacy, travel, fortune and maritime expeditions, so it must be invoked to receive protection during a trip. Those born under the influence of the angel Yéiayel are characterized by being focused and organized people, who manage to focus all their energies to achieve the consolidation of their ideals. As mentioned earlier, this angel is invoked when protection is sought in travel, this is due to its relationship with the waters, however its interpretation can transcend more everyday matters, such as accidents, dismissals or other types of problems. Qualities This class of individuals stands out for their energy and industriousness, which is why they usually enjoy economic stability at a very early age. Their responsibility, cunning and intuition leads them to succeed in almost every new project they undertake. Those born under the power of the angel Yéiayel are characterized by being restless, receptive, observant, reckless and with great luck in business.

“Jehovah is your guardian; Jehovah is your shadow at your right hand. ” Psalm 121, verse 5.


  • Type of angel: Thrones
  • Prince: Tzadkiel
  • Planet Mercury
  • Color: Green, gray and white
  • Plant: Oregano, Clove and anise
  • Metal: Mercury
  • Stone: Marine Water
  • Teacher: Veneziano
  • Regency: January 27, April 10, June 22, September 3 and November 15
  • Hebrew name: יֹיֹיֹאֵל

Those born between July 07 and 11 have done so under the influence of Yéiayel. The invocation of this angel must be done between 07:00 and 07:20 hours.

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