Guardian Angel Yeyayiel for changes

by Peter Vermeeren

Those born under his regency:
The one born under his regency has a spirit marked by the principle of change, because he knows that nothing is permanent and therefore can not waste any time in life. It is original and exotic in thinking and acting. Many times he is considered a madman or a superstitious. He has philanthropic ideas, is generous and detests human suffering. He will always be working for the common good. You will need to travel and get to know other mysterious countries. He is a medium of excellent degree of paranormality. It will be sought by people who, believing in their strength, will seek containment in their predictions or forebodings. He will be compassionate, diplomatic, with great ability to capture the thoughts of the people with whom he lives. It will always be distributing joy.

Attribute: Divine justice.
Uranus planet.
Angelic Choir: Cherubim.
Sefirah: Hochma.
Regency schedule: from 7 a.m. to 7:20 a.m.
It is invoked to:
· The protection of our fame and fortune.
· Protect businesses.
· Help us in the studies we study.
· Discover the vocation and new paths.

Protector of those born July 8 to 12


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