Guardian Angels of December - Want to know Yours?

If you want to know the guardian angel that protects you if you are born in December check the angels in our list of Guardian Angels of December.
When you have found your guardian angel of December, you can also take a look at his pendant or magical amulet so you will have your guardian angel always close to you, giving you support, comfort and protection

Hahaziah - from December 3 to 7
Imamiah - from December 8 to 12
Nanael - from December 13 to 16
Nithael - from December 17 to 21
Mebahiah - from December 22 to 26
Poiel - from December 27 to 31

Do you know that we have several special related amulets that can help you? Check below this article for the different types of amulets you might need and if you can not find it try our amulet tool. Its free and you can find it here. Let the magic guide you 

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by (שרה מרים) מירי on March 04, 2020

אבקש הסבר על המלאכים נולדתי ב27. 12


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