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Michael is the name of the archangel leader of the heavenly militia commanding the Army of God. He and his heavenly soldiers fight against the forces of evil. His name means the likeness of God. Michael is usually depicted as an angelic figure doing use of sword and armor and with the figure of Satan under his feet there are other important archangels such as Raphael's Archangel and Archangel Gabriel.

But none of them is the target of such devotion as the Archangel Michael He is responsible for warding off the innumerable temptations they try to divert man from the path of good. Another function of the archangel is to lead the soul of the good to heaven right after his due judgment. Miguel also fulfills the role of the link between men and God. He is responsible for offering the prayers of his faithful. But is in

the command of his army of Angels where Miguel plays his main role.

The Bible reports that Michael opposed the forces of Satan a few times. And in all those disputes, Miguel always came out the winner. He, commander of the Angels, fought against evil when the devil in the form of a Dragon, together with his evil angels, tried to conquer heaven. But Satan and his allies were driven out by angelic forces led by Archangel Michael and plunged to Earth. These fallen angels had to take refuge in hell because they were no match for the forces of good led by the formidable Warrior Angel

Archangel Michael is recognized by Hebrew Christians and Muslims alike , but it is the Catholics who pay him the greatest homage. Miguel is considered the defender of the Church and among his faithful he is known as Saint Michael the Archangel The twenty-ninth of September is dedicated to the celebration of the three main archangels Michael Raphael and Gabriel.

Metatron is an angelic figure in Jewish tradition and would be from the Seraphim class,  angels who are at the top of the celestial hierarchy and therefore closest to God. There is no consensus on the meaning of his name. The absence of the suffix el in his name as EN, Rafael and Gabriel is somewhat singular As Serafin Metatron is often represented by three pairs of wings. He is the prince of the Seraphim, so everyone else must respect his authority. Sometimes it is also considered the most powerful of all the archangels. Metatron is the only celestial figure who has access to be next to the creator and that is why he is taken as the voice of God and the most powerful of all the Angels, being stronger even than Michael the Warrior archangel, who defeated Lucifer and his hosts when they tried to rebel against the creator.

One of Metatron's missions is to serve as an intermediary between God and men. He would also be in charge of all other ordinary celestial beings and would supervise the activities of the other Angels and archangels. Although he is the only figure who has unlimited access to the creator's throne, he does not lend himself to supplications and requests of the faithful to God. The most famous reference of Metatron, is in the Talmud, which is the set of sacred texts and books used by Rabbinic Judaism

When. Rabbi Elisha Bullas was allowed to enter heaven and met the radiance of Metatron sitting there he thought there were two authorities in heaven: God and Metatron. Metatron was struck by sixty blows from a flaming stick to show that, despite his noble position, he was below the figure of the creator. The celestial figure is also referred to in the book of Job. According to some, Matusalen's father became the Angel closest to the Lord. Metatron. He is sometimes called the angel of life and death due to his great influence on the tree of life of the Jewish Kabbalah. The name Metatron is not expressly written in the Bible.

It is also said that it was the greatest angel of all the Angels who punished the Egyptians by imposing on them the famous ten plagues described in the book of Exodus . Adepts of Hebrew mysticism use Metatron's cube, which is a sacred geometric structure composed of thirteen circles as an instrument of protection and also to help in understanding reality taking into account Metatron's cube, despite not being an Angelica figure so recognized with the three great archangels Michael, Gabriel and Raphael, Metatron plays a prominent role next to the throne of the Lord, serving with his divine scribe, taking notes of all the works and sins of men. Being under God Metatron is one of the Angels most respected by those who are interested.

The archangel Gabriel is known as The Messenger of the Lord. The name Gabriel means man of God or emissary of God. The Angel Gabriel is certainly one of the best known angelic figures along with the archangels Raphael and Michael and the fallen angel Lucifer. Its most striking aspect is no doubt when he announces the birth of the Son of God. The angel Gabriel was sent by God to Galilee to fulfill the noblest of missions. He would announce to  the Virgin Mary that she would receive the grace of conceiving the son of the Highest. Maria was frightened at first. But the archangel reassured her and revealed the will of God. This baby that will soon be born must be called by the name of Jesus.

Although this is the most famous biblical passage in which Gabriel is present, there are moments apart from the announcement of the angel of the air and His Grace. The Angel appeared to the prophet Daniel to announce that the coming of the Messiah was to come. Too Sacarías the priest he appeared to him announcing the arrival of his son Juan.

According to the biblical texts, the archangel Gabriel says that he is always in the presence of God and that it helps him to proclaim the good news. For This reason those who believe in these heavenly figures and dedicate themselves to them dedicate prayers and ask the angel to reveal the good news and the promises of God for their life. In some Christian doctrines. The Angel Gabriel is understood as the personification of the Holy Spirit.

Archangel Gabriel has a number of professions, most of which are linked to some type of message, such as postmen, diplomats and communication professionals. But the influence of the Angel Gabriel extends beyond the borders of Christianity. According to the Islamic faith, the Angel Gabriel played a fundamental role in the history of Islam.

When Muhammad prayed on a hill in Mecca, he was visited by Gabriel, who revealed the Qur'an, which is the holy book of Muslims and contains the literal word from God. After Gabriel's revelation, Muhammad began his work of spreading God's.

He is a respected figure both in Judeo-Christian culture and in the Islamic world. Raphael is one of the most important angelic figures in Judeo-Christian culture. His name means God heals or heals God and thus it is considered as the angel bearer of the healing of the Lord and therefore, many are the prayers addressed to the archangel Raphael seeking the cure of the most diverse diseases

Among the three main archangels of the Catholic tradition. The archangel Raphael is the one with the most discreet presence in the Bible. Its main biblical appearance was in the Old Testament Book of Tobias. In this passage, The Archangel descended to Earth to accompany Tobias on his journey, who was a young man who feared and loved God above all things. And the angel took human form and gave Tobias to his destination in the middle of his journey. When Tobías and Rafael were on the banks of the Tigre River, Tobias was attacked by a large fish that tried to devour him. But Rafael encouraged him to fight the fish and get it out of the water. After the victory of Tobias on the fish, the angel of the Lord asked him to keep the heart and liver of the fish because these objects would be instruments of Healing promoted by the Lord. And he should also conserve the fish's bile. The angel led Tobias to his destination, where Sara's hand was offered to Tobias. Despite being a beautiful young woman, she was possessed by a curse.

Sara had already been married seven times and in all of them here husbands died before their marriage was consummated.

Rafael assured him that God was by his side. The Angel told him how to proceed to eliminate the demons in this ritual. Under the guidance of Rafael Tobías used the heart and liver of the great fish, so the demons were exorcised and Tobías and Sara were able to finish their union.

The Angel of the Lord protected Tobias on his return home and when he met his father, who was blind, Tobias used the bile of the Fish to create a true miracle. After putting the bile in his father's eyes, his vision was restored due to this biblical passage. Those who believe in these angelic figures believe that the presence of the Archangel Raphael helps in the healing of physical ills, as was the case with Tobias's father's cure of blindness.

He also helps in the cure of mental and spiritual illnesses, as was the case with Sara. The Angel Raphael is also present in Islamic culture, where he is given the name Rafael According to Islamic tradition. This Angel carries a trumpet that will sound to announce the arrival of the Last Judgment. Catholics consecrated the twenty-fourth October to celebrate Archangel Saint Raphael, bearer of the Lord's healing, and on September 29 ceremonies are held in honor of the three great archangels

Arcangels Gabriel, Michael and Raphael

Archangel Michael Archangel Gabriel Archangel Raphael
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Uriel is a famous archangel of the rabbinical tradition and of some currents of Christianity. He may not be as well known as Miguel, Rafael and Gabriel, but he is one of the Angels most studied by geology. His name means God is my light in the arts. The archangel is represented with a parchment book in one hand and with enormous sun in the other. Uriel's name is not written in the Bible, but his name is found quite often in apocryphal books. Supposedly he would have made some famous appearances in the sacred texts of the Jews and Christians, even without having his name expressly mentioned.

Uriel was present in the Garden of Eden, where he protected the entrance to the garden with his fiery sword. The Archangel also participated in the burial of Adam and Eve, the first human couple created by God. According to the Book of Job, the Angel appeared to him and warned him of the flood that was approaching.

Uriel was present when the most terrible of plagues struck Egypt. The celestial figure passed in front of all the houses to see which doors were painted with the lamb's blood. As God commanded, such a plague ended the life of the firstborn of those who did not follow, including the son of the mighty Pharaoh.

According to the apocryphal gospels Uriel would have helped protect John, the Baptist who was still a baby of the Order of King Herod who demanded the extermination of all the children who were born at that time. Various currents of Christianity pay a certain reverence to the figure of Uriel. But in the year seven hundred and forty and five, the Catholic Church tried to prevent the growing devotion to angelic figures. And only the three great archangels Raphael, Michael and Gabriel should be revered

In the Anglican Church of England Uriel was elevated to the status of Saint according to some traditions. Archangel Uriel is the ruler of the Sun and therefore he is sometimes called the flame of God. Archangel Uriel is also known as the Archangel of Wisdom. His faithful belief that the angel can help men find the wisdom to solve their problems and reveals how to achieve their goals. And all this makes the Angel Uriel, one of the angelic figures most important to those who believe in the powerful influence of these celestial beings.

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