Who is the Greek god of drinks?

Who is the Greek god of drinks?

Dionysus (also spelled Dionysos) is the god of wine, fertility, madness and theater. He is often depicted as a young, bearded man, holding a drinking cup and a thyrsus, a staff entwined with ivy and a pinecone. He was also known as the "liberator" and is considered to be the patron of the vineyards and wine-making.

Dionysus is the son of Zeus and Semele, a mortal woman. He was known for his wild and frenzied nature, and was often associated with madness, ecstasy, and religious frenzy. He was also associated with fertility, as wine was seen as a symbol of fertility and abundance, and his cult often involved ritualistic celebrations, where wine was consumed in large quantities as a form of ritual madness.

It's worth noting that in Greek mythology, gods and goddesses were not limited to one specific sphere of influence but often were associated with many things, and their characteristics and attributes can overlap with other gods or goddesses. In this sense, other gods may also be associated with wine and drinking, such as the god of hospitality and friendship, Hermes, was also associated with wine and other alcoholic drinks, as they were important elements of socializing and hospitality.

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