Activate a Sigil or Seal by fire, water, ecstacy or sex

Activate a Sigil or Seal by fire, water, ecstacy or sex

The Best Ways to Activate Sigils

The fastest way to get results with magick

In fact there are many ways to activate a sigil, seal or magical item but few are as effective as the ones described below. When we create a sigil, seal or magical item we already embed our intention in it but it remains latent until it get’s activated. The activation is very important and has to be done is a controlled environment but more about that later on.

Sigil activation

Once we designed our sigil or seal it is time to activate it. There are a few methods i would like to share with you that have been very effective when we used them

The most common: Fire Activation. Basically it is burning the sigil while concentrating on it and the intention behind it’s creation

Another common activation is water activation. In this case you would stand under a waterfall or you shower.  This can only be done with very cold water so your energy reaches peak levels. I have had the possibility to try this on special energy nodes and the result is impressive. Stay under the cold water untill the sigil falls apart. The longer you stay the better.

 Meditation and Ecstasy. I don’t mean the drugs. You prepare with meditation and after reaching a profound meditative state you start creating a boost of exalted feelings. When you reach the top of these feelings you concentrate on the sigil and after a few minutes you tear it apart.

 Activation through sexual arousement. This is a versatile activation process and the secret behiind it is our sexual energy, which is one of the most powerful energies that exist. Sigil and Seal activation with this method must be done alone so you don’t mix energies. There are 2 methods: The first one is by maintaining a high level or arousement without getting to a climax and the second one is activation on the moment of climax. Some demon activations requiere male and female energy but these are rare cases.

The environment for activation.

The environment depends mostly on the purpose of the sigil but we always use incense to determine the flow of the energies and 5 candles , one for each element (earth, water, fire, air and void). The color of the candles are: black, green, red, blue and white. It is best to be alone, making sure nobody will molest you while you are carrying out your ritual.

Do i need special clothing or items to do an activation?

No, you will only need paper and pen or pencil to draw the sigil or seal (you can also do it on your pc and print it out) You don’t need any special robes

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