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Becoming an initiate student of the Occult Arts and Magic and work effectively with the Olympic Spirits

by Peter Vermeeren

How can you become a student of our order?

Becoming an initiate is not difficult at all, after receiving the first initiation you will automatically become a member of TERRA INCOGNITA

There are about 32 different initiations on the student level, all of them dedicated to the powers of the 7 Olympic Spirits.

After completing these 32 initiations the students moves on to the adept or disciple level where he or she will receive even more initiation in the 7 Olympic Spirits as well as other rituals

The next step is the master level for those who have completed the previous one. On this level most of the rituals have to do with angelic and demon magic

The final step is the level of Sortiarius, where the master receives the final teachings.

This initiation comes with:

  • Full initiation to each spirit and each power (40)
  • Complete ceremony and instructions so you know how to work with this energy
  • You will receive a mage name (only in the first initiation)
  • A full video with instruction on how to continue with your practice for each initiation.
  • Certificate of initiation with your mages name (digital file)
  • Lifetime membership of our Order (TERRA INCOGNITA)
  • Huge discounts on all our other initiations
  • Access to a special WhatsApp group for initiates
  • Possibility to get other initiations not available to the public
  • and some more things we can only disclose to initiates.

Terra Incognita means “unknown land” and reflects our experience with magic, rituals and energies. After so many years of practice we have found out that magic never ends. There is always something more, another energy, a different way to use it and so on. This is the reason we called our order “Unknown Land”.
Our order has been together for the last 15 years, working with all kinds of energies, demons, angels and above all the 7 Olympic Spirits. During this time together we have had so many wonderful experiences with all these energies that in 2018 we decided to make our magic and ritual available to the public. The results have been so overwhelming that in July 2019 our grandmaster Sortiarius has given permission to initiate new students to the order.
The order is governed by 5 people who have reached Sortiarius or Master level. They are responsible for the creation of amulets, doing rituals, healing, all kinds of energy work, and now initiations for new members

First level: Initiate
The initiate is the first step in the order of Terra Incognita. It is a very important level. This is where you start to learn the basics of magic and ritual. You will be initiated in the powers of the 7 olympic spirits and learn how to work with them.

Second level: Adept or Disciple
The adept is getting deeper into the energies of the Olympic Spirits, you will learn how to combine the specific energies of the Olympic spirits, create sigils that reflect these combinations for specific tasks. You will also start your initiations in the first demons and angels.

Third level: Master
On the master level you get the initiations of all the other demons (74) and all the angels and archangels (72). You will start working together with us to help people all over the world under the guidance of the Sortiarius. You will learn how to create amulets, talisman, special sigils and seals and very specific rituals. You will also start to write your own grimoire.

Fourth level: Sortiarius
The last level teaches you very special and specific magic and rituals and you will learn Rakh Enagh , the language that summons and commands. The last level will never finish as long as you keep practicing and over time you will discover TERRA INCOGNITA.

by Peter on March 29, 2020

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este é o link para todos os produtos dos espíritos olímpicos

by marcos viniicus sampaio de oliveira on March 29, 2020

achei voces muito interessante mais não entendi como pagar voces si em dolar euro etc e como enviar o dinheiro queria fazer a iniciação faleg de cura e compra o anel dos espiritto olimpicos e fazer as iniicações de voces como fazer tudo isso gratidão marcos


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