There are several ways to clean an object before charging it with the desired energy. These methods are used by practitioners of magic, reiki healers, energy workers and so on. It is important to clean these objects or even spaces before charging them as every contact of the object or space with “low vibration” energies can contaminate them and prevent a correct charging and use.

At world of amulets we clean each amulet, ring or magical item before the charging process can start.

You can clean them with a magic ritual, precious stones who absorb energy, reiki sessions, a special charging and cleaning pad and with salt water.

Usually we use the cleaning/ charging pad because it is fast and easy to do but let me first explain the salt water method as this is available to most people.

What do you need?

We prefer Sea Water but if you can’t get your hand on it you can use mineral water mixed with natural salt (don’t use regular refined salt because it doesn’t have the same properties)

A bowl big enough to hold the object covered by water. Leave the object in the bowl for at least 4 hours. If the object is for your personal use you can touch it with your hands without a problem. If on the contrary you are cleaning an object for another person, use a utensil or gloves so your skin doesn’t enter in direct contact with the object. After the cleaning process you can start with the charging ritual you prefer.

If you use a charging/cleaning pad you just need to place the object on the pad and wait 15 minutes , leave it where it is and start the charging ritual. With a simple 5 minutes charging ritual the item is ready to use.

Other uses for the charging/cleaning pad:

Protection: You can use this pad on your front door to protect your house and the people living in it from undesired visits, being real people or bad energies.
Aligning: This is for the aligning of magical items. Usualy this is only used by people practising some kind of magic.

We have 2 different pads available: 1 is reiki energy combined with the olympic spirits and the archangels. This pad can be used by energy workers and reiki healers and the second one is specific for charging object with specific demon energy from the 9 gatekeepers of hell.