How to make a Magic Circle

How to make a Magic Circle

Before learning how to make a magic circle, it is essential to understand everything related to magic circles and the purpose for which they are created. A magic circle is considered to be that space that is marked, whether with salt or chalk, by those people who are practitioners of magic and all the branches that come from magic. Since ancient times, there has always been the certainty that magic circles have the power to generate powerful protective barriers or invoke other kinds of forces and entities, to benefit the person who performs this magic ritual.

Being an ancient ritual, it is believed that the origin of the magic circle comes from Babylonian magic. Besides, this kind of ritual and most of its variations were used by indigenous tribes in the United States, and even in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. Therefore, it is certain that this kind of ritual has been used by human beings for centuries. The magic circle can be created for different reasons, which can vary depending on the magician and his intentions. However, generally, the intentions to create a magic circle can be as follows.

Enter a plane of communication with deities from other worlds, as the magic circle acts as a portal to other worlds. This rite also serves as a protective shield or barrier against evil and negative entities or beings. Also, the magic circle can fulfill the function to perform different types of invocations. The magic circles must be created physically since it is believed that the person who performs this rite will not have the mental strength and concentration needed to perform the ritual from beginning to end. This is very important since people who are not able to endure this kind of ritual will be exposed and vulnerable to attack by evil entities from other worlds.

The magic circles can be created from small stones, ropes, minerals, candles, among other objects. However, the most used elements are certainly salt or chalk. These objects usually help to create a powerful and efficient magic circle. For the correct creation of a magic circle, a couple of conditions must be met. The first is that it is fundamental to define a source of energy. This is necessary because the circle must be nourished or fed by something, either the energy of the environment or the energy of the wizard or sorcerer himself.

As a second condition, it is necessary to define the purpose of the creation of such a circle. This is important because the circle is a graphic representation of the magician's world, whatever the magician wants to change in his life or world must be changed in the circle, and therefore, if the purpose for creating the circle is with negative or harmful intentions, then the result obtained with the circle will also be harmful or even dangerous. For this reason, these kinds of rituals can generate fear and dread in those people who do not know the magic world.

Sometimes, the magic circle is created as a tool to focus the energy. This is one of the main reasons why this ritual is used. It is very important to understand this detail since the magician or the person performing the ritual must accumulate large amounts of energy within the circle and that must be consistent or according to the intentions you want to achieve.

How do you create a magic circle? Well, for this, you need to start as follows. The first step is to clean and consecrate the physical space where you will create the circle. This is necessary to prevent any unwanted energy elements from affecting the ritual and the objectives of the magician.

As a second step, once space has been cleansed and consecrated, we proceed to create the circle, which can be done with the athame or the index finger of the dominant hand. To make a correct construction of the circle, the magician or the person practicing the ritual, should be located facing east, and then design the circle passing through the south, west, north, and closing again in the east. In this way, the magic circle is sealed.

The cardinal points, east, south, west, and north are the representations of the natural elements such as air, earth, water, and fire. So when you create a magic circle it is about establishing an energy link with the basic elements of the planet. Besides, each element is an essential representation of different deities or spirits. Also, a detail that is important to mention, is that before opening and closing a magic circle is necessary to perform various types of blessings, which are necessary to properly use this ritual.

These blessings should begin with the consecration and blessing of the water and salt, which seeks to cleanse any impurities that may affect the spell of the circle and prevent any negative energy or any type of entity from being called upon during the ritual. Then we proceed to bless with the elements of fire and air, which seek to strengthen the sacred fire of the ritual and to protect the magician when performing the magic circle. Finally, it is also very important to know that to be able to leave the circle, as a general rule it is recommended to leave the northeast side since this is the traditional method.

The Magic Circle works like a battery of energy. If it is fed with negative energies, so chaos can occur and as a result and undesirable things can be generated. Furthermore, what is created with magic is only maintained with magic, so it is necessary that the magician or the person who practices the ritual, must possess great physical and mental strength to withstand the whole ritual.

The magic circle is a great tool to perform meditations or important magic work. The fundamental thing for a person to perform a good ritual is to be familiar with their limits and be aware that this kind of magic should only be done with good intentions.