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How to Protect Yourself against Magical Attacks?

Before we start with the protection measures, let us first take a look at what can be considered a magical attack. There are 2  types of magical attacks; the first one being the involuntary , non directed attack and the second, and most dangerous one, is the intended attack.

What is the difference between the two types of magical attacks?

The unintended attack is the most  common one and i think almost everybody has suffered these attacks from time to time. It's the attack when someone is very angry at us or feels a very intense envy. Their feelings and emotions create energy waves who are directed towards us. The person feeling these emotions most of the time, if not always, is not aware that he or she is directing a magical attack towards us. Therefore we call it a non directed attack. This type of attack is the easiest to deal with as we will see later.

The intended attack however, always comes from somebody with experience in energy manipulation, magic, and son on. This person is doing some sort of magical ritual to hurt you. This is not so common because most people don't know how to do this. This is a more complex attack and needs some special measures to counter it.

How do you know you are under a magical attack?

There are many symptoms related to magical attacks but if you are suffering from one of the following you should always consult a doctor.

  • The most common one is headaches
  • Irritation
  • Bad temper
  • Trembling
  • Nightmares
  • Stomach ache
  • Feeling down
  • Lack of energy
  • Voices
  • Blur sight
  • Dizziness

When you are feeling one or several of these, it is very possible that you are under a magical attack.

However consult your physician first

How to deal with these magical attacks?

In case of the non intended attack we first need to establish a defense. For this we can use either a defensive amulet of the spirits Abraxas, Halphas or Barbatos or we can use the power of one of these directly if we have the initiation of Halphas, Andromalius, Barbatos, Malphas or Phaleg for protection.

The second step would be reflecting the energy back to the sender. This can only be done if you are initiated in the powers of Zagan or Haagenti. Both will function as a reflective mirror in these cases.

If you don't want the energy send back cause a magical attack on the sender you need to protect him or her. You can do this by the powers of Azazel

To make sure this magical attack will not repeat itself you have to cut the emotional strings and cure the toxic energy. For this we would be using Barbatos, Leraje or Orobas

However if the attack is directed by someone who know how to do this, we need a different path. 

The first step is the same, we first need to protect ourselves. For this we can use either a defensive amulet of the spirits AbraxasHalphas or Barbatos or we can use the power of one of these directly if we have the initiation of HalphasAndromalius, Barbatos, Malphas or Phaleg for protection. I would suggest using Halphas for this as he protects against magical attacks and preserves your spiritual energy.

The next step is make your action invisible for the other person so whatever magic counter you do from this point will not be detected. There is only 1 spirit capable of doing this and that is Glasya Labolas. This way we prevent any counter measures.

Now we must decide if we want to counter attack or just make the magical attack useless and without power.

If you want to counter attack you will need the powers of king Paimon or Berith. Paimon will allow you to control the other person and Berith as an alchemist can change any energy into the opposite.

If you want the attack to be futile , you can use the powers of Andrealphus. He will dissolve the magic and closes the situation by eliminating any magic involved.

If you want to do this in a passive way by wearing protection amulets, you can do that without a problem The only downside is that it make take a while  because you first need to be synchronized with the energy, which takes 28 days.

If you are initiated you can also do this in a very active way (initiation takes 21 days) In this case you will have to do it this way:

First imagine yourself the attack and/or the attacker (if you know him)

Next call upon the spirit you want to use saying: [your personal power word] and name of the spirit you are going to use.

State your purpose (ex. I want to be protected against all magical attacks or I want you to reflect the magical attack i am suffering back to the sender)

Close the connection by repeating the power word 3 times.

The attack will be resolved in less than a day.


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