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How to use the Occult Gatekeepers of Hell Summoning and Ritual Pad

by Peter Vermeeren

This special pad has been designed for several different uses, the main ones being: summoning the gatekeepers of hell, charging items, distance protection and spellcasting

Contrary to Christian belief, demons are not bad. Cristianity just turned the old Gods into Demons to obtain total control over the masses by using fear. To accomplish this they had to inspire fear for the old Gods and what better way as to portray them as Evil?

The old Gods are nothing more or less than energies vibrating at a differrent level. More or less like your radio. To listen to a radio station you need to tunein to the right frequency. Demons, Gods, Angels and all spirits are exactly the same. They are neither good nor bad as they don’t fall into the trap of duality. This is just something humans came up with. I will get deeper into this in another article.

We have been using this pad now for over 1 year with incredible results. Let me give you some ideas on how to use this pad:

  • Cleaning: just put your stones or jewelry on it for 15 minutes and all bad energy will be removed of them. Cleaning of objects is only one of it’s purposes. You can also use it to clean entire rooms or houses from low level energies.
  • Charging : All items, stones, sigils, jewelry and even beverages can be charged with strong demonic energy for the benefit os it’s wearer or user. This pad charges the item you put on it in less than 5 minutes.
  • Protection: You can use this pad on your front door to protect your house and the people living in it from undesired visits, being real people or bad energies
  • Aligning: This is for the aligning of magical items. Usualy this is only used by people practising some kind of magic

***If you need us to activate the item , please tell us your full name, date of birth and place you live for the activation ritual.

The 9 gatekeepers of Hell contained in this Occult Gatekeepers of Hell Summoning Ritual Pad for Satanists, Energy workers, Spiritual guides, witch box, protection amulet

Mammon can be called upon for alll money and business related issues.
Abaddon to protect and safeguard the transition of people who just died.
Azazel is a powerful healer, he removes toxic energies and blockages, especially the ones we carry in our spirit and soul. He is unique in his way of healing.
Astaroth This daemoness helps with friendship and love and is perfect for revealing hidden secrets when you are screening something or someone.
Lucifer gives exactly what his name indicates: Light in the Darness , he is the daemon to be called when times are very dark and there does not seems to be a solution.
Belial The perfect daemon for business with an aggressive approach. He will clear the path for you by eliminating all opposition.
Asmodeus Excellent daemon for helping with handicrafts, he is also very good in lust and desire and make your will very strong.
Beelzebub, is an expert in wealth obtained by creativity and gives you the ability to connect with yourself through the heart chakra.
Baal for Awakening Knowledge and Wisdom .
Lucifuge Rofocale, the infernal Prime Minister who possesses the power that Lucifer gave him over all worldly riches and treasures.


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