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How to work directly with the 7 Olympic Spirits

Working with the 7 Olympic Spirits has always been a pleasure for us, specially because they are easy to work with, they are fast and get things done in a very efficient way.

The wide variety of powers they possess makes it very easy to make your wishes come true. Many customers have asked us in the past to release the way we work with the 7 Olympic Spirits and a new book about the 7 Olympic Spirits is about to be released very soon with all the information we have about them, how to activate them, specific mantras (enn's) for each purpose, offerings, their specific powers, rituals, accesories and much more. If you want to purchase this book about the 7 Olympic Spirits, you can do so by clicking the link. All future members of Terra Incognita will receive this book for free as part of their membership.

Working with the 7 Olympic Spirits goes in 2 parts:

First you wil need an initiation to the specific powers of each spirit. You can also select to be initiated to all powers of a specific sprits. After receiving the initiations (you will receive a certificate as proof that you have been empowered to use these powers), the next step will be to start working on your wishes and petitions.

This can be done in 2 ways: with your own words or with the secret mantras for each purpose. The 2nd option is the most powerful because you will formulate your petitions in the right way and in the special language of the 7 Olympic Spirits.

Let me give you an example:

Let's say you are initiated in the healing power of Och
You can ask the help of och in your own words like: i ask the help and assistance of Och to heal......
The powers can be used for yourself or to assist others.

But if you use the special mantra (enn), Och will start working a lot faster and thoroughly because This spirit will understand exactly what you need. No translation or interpretation needed.

Each initiation comes with details about how to summon the particular spirit and the secret enn that will connect you with them to make your petition.

Which are the powers of each one of the Olympic Spirits?

The different powers and initiations of Bethor are:

Justice (for legal matters or to make things right)
Wisdom (to know which decision to make)
Abundance (in every aspect of your life)
Order (to put things in the correct place)
Regency (to advance in your carreer)

The different powers and initiations of Aratron are:

Time (to heal or fix problems in the past, present or future)
Death ( Allows to connect with the deceased and communicate with them)
Motherhood (for the ladies of course)
Home (to protect and cleanse)
Construction (protects and helps you with the construction of your plans and projects)
Nature/Harvest (This gives you a better and abundant harvest and helps you in your garden)

The different powers and initiations of Phaleg are:

War/Peace (settles discusions and solves relation problems)
Mechanic abilities (helps you when you need to fix or make metal objects like jewelry)
Justice (fixes legal matters)
Power (increases a lot your personal power)
Energy (need more energy in your day to day? This is the power you need. Athletes, intense work, etc...)
Overcome Evil (if someone put a spell on you)
Active protection (protects you against harm on a physical, spiritual and mental level)

The different powers and initiations of Och are:

Healing (heal yourself and others)
Connection with one self (when you are lost and can't find your lifes path)
Truth (find out the truth and eliminate all deception of others)
Arts (enhances your art and the way you perform: Music, Dance, Exhibition, Painting, al performing arts)
Concerns (takes away the concerns in your head)

The different powers and initiations of Hagith are:

Love (find the love of your life, fix a relationship, get a lover back)
Sex: More, less, increase stamina, libido, you get the idea)
Creativity: (Release the artist inside you)
Grace: (Show your best image at all times)
Music: (maybe there is a mozart or Michael Jackson inside you?)
Art: (Want to be like Michelangelo or Da Vinci?)
Happiness: (let go of these negative thoughts and start to live life the fullest)
Beauty: (enhances your natural beauty and helps you to be irresistible)

The different powers and initiations of Ophiel are:

Communication: (Speakers, influencers, social network managers, writers, etc..)
Commerce: (Brick and Mortar, E-commerce, trading, sell more, attract clients, close deals, everything commerce related)
Writing: (Excellent for writers, increases the power of conviction)
Magic: (puts magic in all your projects and makes them come true faster)
Messengers: (connection with the messengers of the 7 Olympic Spirits who will guide you. This is a very special initiation because it will allow you to receive messages from the 7 Olympic Spirits who guard and help you)

The different powers and initiations of Phul are:

Witchcraft: Enhances and boosts your powers and reveals hidden knowledge
Divination: Connect with your divine inner being and helps you see the true nature of things. Ideal for tarot and other divination practices.

You can find all the Olympic Spirit Initiations here


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