How we test Amulets and Rings for Power, Safety and Effects

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My name is Bjorn and i am one of the independent testers of amulets. I have been testing amulets and rings for World of Amulets for the last 2 years and this time i did a test for some realy special items so i wanted to share my experience with you.

As a level 3 tester (no magic experience tester) i choose the amulets or rings i feel the most comfortable with. I don't test all kinds of amulets, only the ones i choose. In the past 2 years i have been testing over 20 of them and i would like to explain to you how i do this and show you some results of my latest test for the magical lapel pins that recently came out.

I selected several ones to test:

The 4 Pins Tested:


I selected these for the capacity they have to generate money. As an professional real estate agent i am always looking for ways to increase my income by doing a better job. So i tought that maybe some of these pins could help me with that.

I did wear each pin seperatly for 10 days and did some combinations and here are the results:

Name Days tested First results Success Rate Failures Observations 
Mammon Lapel Pin 10 5 90% 1 *
Money Lapel Pin 10 5 100% 0
Asmodeus Lapel Pin 10 7 80% 2 **
Abraxas Lapel pin 10 7 60% 4 ***
4 Pin Cluster 10 - - - ****
Abraxas + Mammon 10 4 100% 0
Abraxas + Money 10 3 100% 0
Asmodeus + Money 10 - 90% 1 *****
Mammon + Money 10 5 100% 0



* The Mammon lapel pin is for money through business. It only failed me once for not defining correctly my goal.

** Asmodeus is for money through gambling. Didn't pay attention to the playful caracter of Mammon and made a wrong bet when judging my clients.

*** Abraxas lapel pin is very powerful but not only for money. I got 4 different results from what i expected. These results were great but had nothing to do with money.

**** The 4 lapel pin cluster was a distaster. To much different energy and no results. Sometimes less is more.

***** Asmodeus + Money pin: Only 1 failure i atribute to the playful nature of Asmodeus.


  • Wearing 2 pins gave me the best results.
  • The cluster is a big no no.
  • Asmodeus is not for money related to business, to volatile due to it's specific gamblers nature. I need more testing with him for the gambling specific powers.
  • Abraxas is boosting the powers of any other pin, i would not use abraxas alone for money. This lapel pin has so many powers and works on so many areas that i recommend to use it as a booster for any other lapel pin you use.
  • The money lapel pin did a great job alone and even better when combined with abraxas.


  • It is best to have a variety of complementary pins and choose the right pins for the right occesion. Choose wisely and the results come very fast
  • Combine the lapel pins with amulets or rings: While the amulets and rings syncronize for 28 days, the lapel pin is already getting results for you. The amulets and rings are like planting a seed, after 28 days there is a seedling and their effects and powers start growing. There is no limit to the growth as long as you keep giving them the attention they need. But you will get very positive results, very soon, from the lapel pin if you use it as indicated.
  • Wear the lapel pins as much as you can and expose it to as many people as possible.

Pro's and cons of the lapel pins


  • The pins work very fast
  • They can be touched by other people (this is even recommended)
  • You can wear several at the time
  • They are light
  • Very good quality
  • Very visible


  • They are only effective for 9 months

Final thoughts

  • I am going to keep them testing together with the different amulets and rings to see if they have an influence on eachother.
  • In 9 months from now i will use the cleansing and charging pad to see if they can be charged again.
  • In my job i depend a lot on relations so i will try some relationship related pins together with money pins to see what they can do for me.


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