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Powerful Protection Ritual against magical and spiritual attacks

This is a special protection symbol you might want to use to protect you and dissolve any magic involved

The 4 spirits used are:

Andromalius = Protection
Malphas = Protects against spiritual, magical and physical attacks
Azazel = Healing, removes toxic energy and blockages
Zagan = Turns things over, changes good into bad and vice versa. He can also mirror back the energy sent

How to use this symbol?

First you need to call out the spirits by naming them:

Andromalius Kamora
Malphas Sumaito
Azazel Dagino
Zagan Kranto

Next state your wish like ex.: By the power of Abraxas i ask your protection against all attacks, my healing and turning things over by reflecting all attacks to the sender

Next you close the ritual by calling the spirits again

Kamora Andromalius
Sumaito Malphas
Dagino Azazel
Kranto Zagan

This concludes the ritual

You can add offering for the spirits like wine, fruit, sweets, tobacco, precious stones

How many times should you do this?

Every morning until the attacks stop. Usually it won't take longer than 1 week. However in some cases it can take a month or longer, but these are special cases where an advanced magic practitioner is involved (very rare)

User experience of the ritual of protection with Andromalius, Malphas, Azazel, Zagan

How long have you been testing this ritual: 3 days
After how many day did you notice changes? : During these 3 days my emotions exploded, I felt confident, often sweated profusely because the room was very hot.
What did you notice? : What I experienced was sleep became restless, mentally became stronger, and feelings became more sensitive than before.
Did the Spirits communicate with you? : No
Did the Spirits give you specific indications? : No
What kind of instructions did the spirits give you? : I didn't see any instructions.
In what form did the spirits appear? : in the form of a thin white mist, and surrounds me.
More details : on the first day I just had trouble sleeping, my emotions (angry) increased a little, the room temperature was normal. on the second day I was able to sleep but I became restless and often woke up, my emotions (angry) were increasing, my confidence increased, the temperature of my room was getting hotter so that my body became sweaty, when the room outside was cool. on the third day the same as the second day, it's just that my emotions exploded and there was a problem with the couple that ended in separation, it's just that what makes me wonder, usually separation makes my heart hurt and sad, this isn't it. my heart seems to be healed of being happy (laughs) and strong (not crying). then I will continue the ritual and will let you know the level of my ritual. thank you for giving these four spirits.


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