Spells that work by professional Spellcasters

by Peter Vermeeren

Our team is made up of 5 individual spellcasters and mages who work together on this wonderfull project called World of Angels and Demons. We use our combined experience of over 60 years to create magical amulets, spellcasting and many types of rituals. Each of us is specialized in  1 or more fields so any request or order will be rerouted to the team member who specializes in it.

Our team:

  • Master Sortiarius: The one that supervises all our work. He is the master who guides us.
  • Springhawk: Specialist in Reiki and the 7 Olympic masters – Amulet designer and the only one of us who is visual to the public. He is the one who manages our customer relations and sales.
  • The Green One: expert in nature related spells and rituals. Master of earth magic.
  • Shadow: Demon expert and very good at grey and dark magic. Demon Oracle expert
  • Golden Cloud: Angels and Archangels as well as Reiki. White and Celestial magic and rituals

The spells and Rituals we can do but not limited to:

money spells
protection spells
witchcraft spells
black magic spells
warlock spells
good luck spells
love spells wicca
sorcerer spells
revenge spells
death spells
break up spells
white magic spells
love spells that work
lost love spells
fire spells
full moon spells
powerful love spells
dark spells
charmed spells
dark magic spells
wiccan spells
craft spells
white magic love spells
attraction spells
satanic spells
necromancy spells
summoning spells
fertility spells
full moon love spells
wealth spells
real witch spells
magic spells for money
pagan spells
simple money spells
wiccan spells for money
white witch spells
ritual spells
hoodoo love spells
wiccan healing spells
white spells
wiccan protection spells

Reiki Sessions for:

reiki for dogs
reiki for anxiety
reiki for depression
reiki for love
reiki for pets
reiki for cats
reiki for kids
reiki for children
reiki for babies
reiki for emotional healing
reiki for success
reiki for life
reiki for pain
reiki for eyes
reiki for pain relief
reiki prayer for healing
reiki for insomnia
reiki for stress
reiki for luck
reiki for relationships
reiki for plants

Demon Oracle consultation to know your blockages, how to resolve them and which demons will help you in your life.


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