The Greek Goddess Gaya, mother Earth from where all the divine races arise

Gea or Gaya is the primordial goddess who personifies Earth in Greek mythology. It is a primordial and chthonic deity in the ancient Greek pantheon, considered the Mother Earth. Its equivalent in the Roman pantheon was Terra Mater or Tellus. The Romans, unlike the Greeks, did not systematically distinguish a Titanic Earth (Earth) from a grain goddess, Ceres.

Gea is the mother Earth from where all the divine races arise. She is born after Chaos and before Eros (Love). She alone begot Uranus (Heaven) that covers her as well as Ponto (the sea).

Then he joins Uranus and gives birth to the six titans: Ocean, Ceo, Crio, Hyperion, Iapetus and Cronos. He also had the six Titanides: Aunt, Rhea, Themis, Mnemosyne, Phoebe and Thetis (mother of the hero Achilles). Then came the Cyclops (giant monsters with only one eye), divinities related to lightning and thunder. Finally the Hecatonquiros were born, beings of a hundred arms, gigantic and violent.

The majority of the theogonies attribute to Gea the maternity of diverse monsters like Caribdis, the Harpías, Python, the guardian dragon of the vellocino of gold, and even the Fame.

Over time, Gea became the universal mother, and as the Hellenic world personified their gods, the earth was incarnated in deities such as Demeter or Cybele, and the earth as an element left mythology.

Gea was also considered, as an inspirer of many oracles, possessed the secrets of the Destinations, and their predictions were older and safer than those of Apollo himself.

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