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The most common mistakes when working with amulets.

Most people do have very positive experiences when working with amulets but others are making one or several of the most common mistakes when working with these incredible energies.
It's not your fault, it's just you didn't know. We try to give an answer to the most common questions in our FAQ you can find here, but i am going to explain the most common mistakes people make.

1) Disrespect. If you want your amulet to stop working at once, you should be disrespectful to the energies bound to it. These are all higher energies who will work for you as long as you show them respect. You don't need to make offers or pray to them, but if you try to order them around and demanding favors, you will only be disappointed. They will stop working for you and there is no way to change their mind. Once they stop, it will be forever. Respect is a basic part of our life , so be respectful to htem too.

2) Impatience: I know, it's difficult to be patient when you are having problems. I've been there, long time ago. Being impatient will not bring you positive results. You are trying to tell the spirits how and when they should do something. That's a big NO NO. They have their own way of working and planning. Let me give you an example. Let's imagine you have received a car. But the car is in pieces. (that's how your situation is right now). You have no clue how to put the car together so you can take it for a ride. If you hire a mechanic, would you try to tell him how and when to assemble your car? I don't think so.
Now some people receive a car that's only lacking fuel. This is something that can be fixed in a blink of an eye. But what happens if your car engine is just a pile of tiny pieces? It will take a lot longer for you to be able to take the car out.

What i want to say here is that each and everyone has it's own particular life with it's problems. For some people it will just take a few weeks untill the amulets give positive results, others may have to wait for a couple of months. All depends on how complicated your situation is. But don't blame it on the amulets or spirits. They will point you in the right direction with the perfect conditions for your wish but at the end you will have to move yourself. They are not from this physical world.

3) Unrealistic. This is a bit related to the previous point but if you just finished your syncronization, you can't expect to win 100.000.000€ the next day. eergy needs to be build up little by little. Start with smaller wishes and when these are granted, you can take on bigger ones. Another thing is all the people wishing for money. Here is a great article about how to wish for money

4) Incompatible energies: Most of the time when someone says that an amulet doesn't work, it's because he or she is wearing several different (and incompatible) ones or there are incompatible energies in his surroundings. For example: don't try to use daemon energies when you have your room full of stuff dedicated to angels. It just won't work. These energies work on different levels.

5) Hostile environment: This is one of the most difficult ones to control. We are always surrounded by many different energies and spirits. Most of them are positive ones but others are not and may block your amulet from working. In another article i will explain how to detect them and know if you are getting stalked by them or even if they feed of you. In case your amulet does not give the results you wanted and you didn't do anything wrong, i recommend a screening sessions (it's free for customers) and if there is a energy vampire in your surroundings, we can get rid of it for you

6) Control your emotions This is the most difficult of all. That's why we always recommend our students to practise meditation. It's the best way to get your emotions under control. Other great practises are mindfulness or meditation. Our emotions radiate a huge energy. If our emotions are positive, the amulet will benefit from it. But in case we can not control anger, envy, hate and sadness, the amulet will suffer it's consequences.


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