The Olympic Spirits – Och, the Ruler of the Sun

The Olympic Spirits – Och, the Ruler of the Sun

Olympian spirits (or Olympic spirits, Olympick spirits) refers to seven (or sometimes fourteen) spirits mentioned in several Renaissance and post-Renaissance books of ritual magic/ceremonial magic, such as the Arbatel de magia veterum, The Secret Grimoire of Turiel and The Complete Book of Magic Science. The Arbatel of Magick says of the Olympian spirits: “They are called Olympick spirits, which do inhabit in the firmament, and in the stars of the firmament: and the office of these spirits is to declare Destinies, and to administer fatal Charms, so far forth as God pleaseth to permit them.”

In this magic system, the universe is divided into 196 provinces (a number which in numerology adds up to 7: 1+9+6=16; 1+6=7) with each of the seven Olympian spirits ruling a set number of provinces (see below). Aratron rules the most provinces (49), while each succeeding Olympian rules seven fewer than the former, down to Phul who rules seven provinces. Each Olympian spirit is also associated with one of the seven luminaries which figure in ancient and medieval Western magic.


Solar interests are administered by OCH, who prolongs life to six hundred years, with perfect health therein. He imparts great wisdom, gives excellent (familiar) spirits, composes perfect medicines, converts any substance into the purest of metals, or into precious stones; he also bestows gold and a purse, quaintly described by the English translator of the Arbatel as “springing with gold.” He causes the possessor of his character to be worshipped as a god by the kings of the whole world.

Och is related to the ancient gods:


The powers of OCH are:

Birth and death cycles
Sacred Kings
Corn gods
Men generally

The colors of OCH are red, yellow, gold

The offerings to OCH are:

Yellow and red flowers
Heliotrope stone, Topaz, Beryl, Chrysolite, Aventurine, Amber and Diamond

Best time to do ritual with OCH:

As Och is the ruler of the sun, the best day to do rituals is from sunrise till sunset, and specially between 12.00 am and 4.00 am

If you want to work with this spirit you will need a initiation. You can find the specific initiations for this spirit here:  click this link 


Start working with the Olympic Spirits and get results in 3 - 7 days.

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