The secrets of planetary magic

The secrets of planetary magic

Magic is truly amazing, and can be found everywhere in the universe.  There are different types of magic, each with its own purpose and method of realization. Among one of these forms of magic, there is an extraordinary and above all powerful way, the so-called planetary magic, which consists of an incredible combination of a perfectly elaborated system between cosmology, astrology, and superior intelligences.

Something as important and powerful as the planetary system has a great amount of magic that is usually used. Although it is hard to believe, this is very interesting since it can take advantage from the position of the planets, a specific day, and a perfectly developed magic ritual.  It can result in an impressive charge with the ability to achieve great things.

The origin of this interesting form of magic comes from ancient Babylon, great intellectuals and magicians perfected this form of magic.  This magic is simple, because it has a precision and a synchronization that serves to make the magic effects easier to do. It is important to mention that, for planetary magic, you should not do elaborate and difficult rituals that take many hours to perform. The planetary magic is simpler than all of that, the only thing that you need is to have a good calendar to achieve the perfect day to make magic.

This was improved from medieval times, specifically using seven planets to perfectly alleviate the system and perform magic.  There is a curiosity in this, because at that time when they started performing the type of magic acts, scientists and astrologers scholars of that time believed that the sun and moon were two more planets.  Nowadays this planetary system is wider and they take into account other planets, the most important thing is that both the sun and the moon are not considered planets.  However, in order to make the magic work, it is necessary to take the old ideas.

Each day of the week, i.e. the 7, is strongly related to each of these planets.  Obviously, it is necessary to know how to identify them by the name of each planet, so that the choice of the day to perform the spell is effective, and with a good one, since for this type of magic precision is paramount.

The importance of casting the spell on the right day is essential.  Every day and every planet has a special power; this means that it is only every day that you can cast a specific spell to achieve something.  However, if you try to cast it on a different day than the one specified, you will have no effect, it would simply be a waste of time, because it would not work.

Each day has its own magical association, meaning that each day is linked to a specific type of candle, an essence, some color, crystal, deity, crystal, effect or power.  Practically every day is special for some particular thing, the ideal is to have an exact precision so that the ideas that you are trying to formalize are fulfilled.  Each planet has its magical associations, and each candle is an ideal channel to achieve the objectives.

The Olympic Spirits, Rulers of the Planets

Magical effects of each planet: The only way to be able to accomplish the spells has to be on the exact day that each spell has validity, which is the one that is associated with a planet; you can easily accomplish these forms.

Following the sequence, the next in the list is Monday that is associated with the moon; the water related spells have a lot of effect this day, also works the love, loyalty and trust spells. This day is also used for a vision that is more astral and dream spells.

Tuesday is related to the planet Mars, it is correlated to strength in battle, courage, victory, aggression and strength, although it also serves for the improvement of sexual potency and leadership.

After this, Wednesday comes; it is associated with the planet Mercury. Generally, this day is always used for prosperity and wealth, through luck in fortune, business, and everything related to money is attributed to divination. The fourth day of the week,

Thursday, is associated with the planet Jupiter. In which the future is the main thing. It serves for long-term spells, and visualization of the future and the protection you wish for dear ones.

Then it comes Friday, which is linked to planet Venus. Friday is ideal to perform various spells related to sociability, the spells of friendship, love, sexual attraction and self-help. Without a doubt, this is a very important day that has to be utilized with careful.

The penultimate day is Saturday, which is represented with the planet Saturn. Again, many scholars from the ancient times have determined that this day is not very feasible for realization of magical effects, although it has its symbolism and its special characteristics that serve to perform spells. It is still very favorable for them to practice these actions. On Saturday is when more spells are performed, communication with ancestors and spirits is easier to obtain thanks to the magic charge of this day. But it must be done with great care, because accuracy is essential, it is also slightly dangerous what a person wants to achieve that day, things that are not very good for others.

Sunday is associated with the sun; in the last day of the week is perfect to makes spells with more power. On this day usually occur spells of greater change, for example: health, wealth, luck, prosperity, and more aspects related to this kind of things. Today it is very easy to acquire books that have calendars with planetary timetables, days, special effects thanks to a planet, days for the realization of spells to be effective, and more.

It is necessary to mention that, to prepare a little before realizing what type of planetary rituals is important, because that is necessary so that the spell can be done in an effective way to achieve all the ideas and wishes you have in mind.


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