What is Enochian Magic?

What is Enochian Magic?

Magic is a really interesting thing, it hides an endless number of enigmas and at the same time it can be a channel to achieve unnatural things, even though it has always been present in history, not many people dare to get curious about it, but there is a group of people who know how it works and dedicate themselves to using it in their daily lives.  Magic is divided into many forms, but there is one in particular that is usually very exciting, as is the Enochian Magic.

The origin of this type of magic is impressive, since those who developed it, did so as a precision and an organization worthy of admiration.  The Enochian magic is a type of system of ceremonial magic, in which the evocation of several spirits is present, which really gives it an extraordinary power.  The two men who developed this type of magic were fortunate to have access to secret information through the visions they had of Enoch's (non-canonized) book.

The relevant information about this type of magic is found in the diaries of the British John Dee and Edward Kelly, it is important to note that they transcribed all the knowledge they acquired into a language revealed by the angels, in other words, it is the Enochian language.  As the story goes, this happened when an angel, the same one who gave the tablets to Enoch, gave this information.  This language is very interesting, because it has its own grammar, morphology and syntax. This means that it is very suitable to be translated into any language, and at the same time, this means that it is a language that has very well formed bases. Curiously they are very close to the English language, both in the alphabet and the pronunciation of the words.

The language was given through a table of 49 one-inch boards, which contained the amazing Four Tablets of Watchtowers and the Union Tablet.  Many contributed to these ideas spreading quickly, but it still maintains the same foundation.  The funny thing is that this type of magic was so sophisticated and with a higher level than many known, that even John Dee and Edward Kelly could not understand it.  This means that, in fact, this type of magic possesses great power, and that with a good use of it they can achieve great things.  To be able to practice Echonian magic would need many studies and above all a great understanding of it, it is not so difficult, but still needs a person to prepare himself to enter the world of Enochian Magic.

In addition, the system of Echonian magic is really a beauty, because it works almost perfectly and it takes a lot of study to practice it, so not everyone can be part of it without preparation.  The evocations achieved through the angels are extremely important and represent a fundamental part of this type of magic basis.

The system seen from a more simplified point of view, and which must be the most correct way to perform such actions, is mainly about classifications of categories carefully designed for the proper functioning of magic, the categories are 8, of which it is necessary to explain the following

Sigillium Dei (translated as The Seal of God) this seal was made in the Middle Ages, which is made up of two circles, an easily recognizable five-point star, and three heptagons.  In addition, it obviously has a label for God and his angels.  The magicians used this seal in order to have great power over all creatures, that is, it is a symbol that represents great authority.

Among the categories are also present, the four elementary tables and the Nalvage table which contains an interesting engraving of letters placed precisely in rows and columns, which work for evocation.

In the important book of science, help and victory, also originally called "Liber Scientia Auxilli Et Víctoria Terrestris", you will find important information about the thirty Aethyers or what is commonly known as the thirty "Aires".  This book is an essential part of the Enochian Magic that is why new practitioners should study it.

The tabula sacna is also very important, because in it there are seven talismans that have great power, this one written in the Enochian language.  Another work part of this magic is the Heptarchia Mystica contained in names and invocations of angels.

Finally, there are the Angelicae keys, which have the famous 48 keys or calls used in the Enochian Magic. The curious thing about this one is that not all of them have been explored with certainty yet, that is to say, that this system of great power is still a mystery that has great things to discover.

The powerful Enochian magic was originally created with the idea of asking the angels of God for enlightenment through wisdom, knowledge and with the purpose of summoning them.  The Enochian magic has that characteristic of being able to have angelic beings working for a person, through the casting of a spell is that these beings are placed at the disposal of a human with the security of accomplishing the intended work.

Although it should be mentioned that since its inception in past times, this magic has been evolving to the point that, it can be achieved in many types of occult magic, and possibly continues to change, since people are those who invoke these beings at their convenience.

Studying and practicing Enochian magic can be very fascinating; the process is a little late but with special rewards.  Although this magic has much more to be known and is a little difficult to simplify in explanation, Enochian magic helps to expand a student's intellect.

The system is admirable, it is difficult to find another one with similarities and that is as functional or well designed as this one.  A proper study and the confidence that this great power is used with good ideas can lead a person to achieve things that could not have been imagined before, but it is necessary to prepare oneself very well in the subject before entering this world, through books, guides, and teachers is the best way to reach that desired point in the wonderful world of magic.