Dreams and their interpretation part 1 - Acquaintance, Adversary, Adultery, Almonds, Alms, Anchor, Altar, Angel

Although much prejudice exists as to the origination of Dreams and the various interpretations given them, the fact is incontrovertible that they have, in all ages and among all nations, borne a conspicuous part in shaping destinies. Both sacred and profane history is replete with dreams which have had more or less influence upon the lives of the dreamers. Innumerable are the instances in which have been prefigured in dreams occurrences that have actually taken place, and many dangers have been averted by heeding warnings given during sleep. Of course it would be unwise to place full credence in the prognostications of all dreams, and equally so to totally disregard them. To both the educated and the illiterate, dreams, of whatever nature, point a moral; and those who heedlessly ignore their lessons often experience cause for regret. Appended will be found a succinct compendium of the scientific and philosophic researches of many gifted in the art of divination.

Acquaintance.—To dream that you fight with them signifies distraction, especially if the person so dreaming be sick. 

Adversary.—To dream that you receive obstruction from him, shows that you will dispatch your business speedily. 

Adultery.—For a person to dream that they have committed it, shows they will meet great contentions and disputes. 

Almonds.—To dream one sees or eats almonds, signifies difficulties and trouble. 

Alms.—To dream that they are begged of you, and you deny to give them, shows want and misery to the dreamer; but to dream you give them freely is a sign of joy and gladness. 

Anchor.—To dream you see one, signifies great assurance and certain joys. 

Altar.—To dream you uncover or discover an altar, betokens joy and gladness. 

Angel.—To dream you see angels is good, but to speak with them is evil.

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