Blossoming of Trees. —To dream you see all sorts of trees blossoming, is a sign of joy, comfort and recreation. 

Brewing and Baking. —To dream of brewing and baking is the sign of an ill housewife, who lies dreaming in bed, when she should be at work and doing her business.

  Breast. —To dream that you have hairy breasts and the tap pup covered with hair, denotes great gain and profit to men; but to a woman, loss of her husband. If a young married woman dreams that her breasts are full and spurting out milk, it signifies that she is with child and that it will be a perfect birth. If a virgin dreams thus, she is near her marriage. If a woman dreams she has sore breasts she is threatened with death. 

Broth. —To dream of eating broth is a good sign and signifies profit and gain. 

Buried Alive. —For a man to dream he is buried alive, signifies he shall have much wealth. 

Burned. —For a man to dream he is burned, signifies (according to the interpretations of the Persians and Egyptians) that he shall be rich, honored and respected; but if he imagines that he was burned by a fire that did not quite consume him, he will inevitably perish in the end. 

Basket. —For a man to dream of baskets is evil; it denotes decay of business to a merchant, want of employment to a mechanic, and loss of place to a servant; but if a woman dreams she receives a number of baskets it is a good omen, and especially so if well filled; to a maiden it denotes that she will have many new lovers; to a wife, that she will have an increase in her family, and to the widow, that she will soon marry again. 

Bonnet. —For a maiden to dream she gets a new bonnet, gives promise of a new lover, but Mother Shipton says that much depends on the color; if green, he will be deceitful; if blue, he will prove affectionate; if pink, his love will not be lasting; if yellow or white, he will quickly improve marriage; but if a female loses her bonnet, it behooves her to be guarded of her virtue, for she is in danger of being led astray; if it be blown off, she will have something she dearly prizes stolen from her. 

Buttons. —To dream of bright buttons is seldom good; if rusty, it portends misfortune; if covered, sadness. If a man dreams he has lost all the buttons of his clothes, it is a sign he will not live long.

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