Dreams and their interpretation part 13: coals, comets, cook, corn, crowns, church, cage

Coals.—To dream of coals is a very unlucky omen. It denotes much affliction and trouble. To dream you see coals burning, if they are very clear and bright, is a good sign. To dream you see the coals extinguished and reduced to cinders, denotes death, either to yourself or some near relation or friend; it also indicates great losses, and forewarns you of beggary and prison.

Comets.—To dream you see one of these extraordinary ethereal substances, is ominous of war, plague, famine, and death; to the lover it forebodes an entire frustration of his hopes; to the farmer, failure of crops; and to the seaman, storms and shipwrecks. After such a dream change, if possible, your present place of residence.

Cook.— Dream you’re busy with a cook, And for a wedding shortly look.

Corn.—To dream you see fields of corn, or that you are among unthrashed corn, is a very favorable omen; it denotes success in business; to the lover it announces that you will marry, have many children, and become rich and happy. If you are a sailor, it denotes a lucrative voyage and fine weather, and that you will be near marrying in the next port you touch at. If you dream you are gathering ripe corn, it is the most fortunate dream you can have.

Crowns.—To dream you see these emblems of royalty, portends success and elevation to dignities, either in the church or state. For a maid to dream of a crown, shows she will marry a very industrious man, or one who is rich.

Crutches.—To dream you are walking on crutches, is a very unfavorable omen. To dream you see another walking on crutches, denotes that these things will happen to some friend. If you are a married man, then that your wife is inconstant; if a married woman, then that the husband is ruining himself with some harlot.

Currants.—To dream of currants prefigures happiness in life, success in undertakings, constancy in your sweetheart, handsome children to the married, riches to the farmer and tradesman.

Church.—To dream of church is portentous of evil. If you are in a church during divine service, you will be engaged in a lawsuit, or some other quarrel that will very near ruin you. If you are in love, your sweetheart is unfaithful, and prefers another. If you expect a place, it forebodes disappointment. If you are in trade, you will never thrive in your present situation.

Cage.—To dream of letting birds out of a cage denotes a speedy marriage. To a person in business it denotes success, and to a farmer it denotes good crops.

Cain.—To dream of the firstborn son of man, who was Adam’s eldest son, is a very unfavorable omen; after such a dream let the dreamer travel into another part of the country and form new connections.

Cakes.—To dream you are eating cakes, denotes happiness and prosperity.



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