Altar. —To dream you are at the altar  and receiving the holy sacrament is a very unfavorable omen, and denotes many heavy and severe afflictions. 

Adder. —A person that dreams of the asp and the adder, is thereby betokened to have stores of money and rich wives. 

Assassin. —To dream of an assassin is a warning not to be neglected. Shun all pretending friends, lend no money, be ever on your guard, and you may escape destruction, which is planned for your ruin. 

Ants. —To dream of these industrious little insects, hath a variety of interpretations, depending on the manner in which you dream of them; if you see them running about, it denotes that you will be a great loser by some plan that you will undertake for gain. If you dream you see them busily employed laying in their winter stores, it is a good omen—things will prosper with you. If they appear to be devoured by other animals, and otherwise injured and trodden upon, then it is a bad omen. If you dream of these insects when you are sick, you must expect to recover very slowly. 

Auction. —To dream you attend an auction is, on the whole, unfavorable. If you purchase, expect loss of property. If you only attend, you are sure to meet with a heavy deprivation of friends and property. If you pass by one, then you will attain, in a few years, all that you moderately desire.

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