Dreams and their interpretation part 6: Bear, Beggars, Bleeding, Blind, Boat, Bridge

Bear.—To dream a bear thy step pursues, A cruel foe some mischief brews.

Beggars.—To dream of beggars is rather unfavorable, especially to lovers and persons in business. To dream they beg alms of you and that you refuse it, denotes misery, want, and a prison; if you are in love, some scandalous person will ruin you with your sweetheart. To dream that you give them alms, indicates success in business, and that you will obtain, after much difficulty, the object of your affections; your children will be sickly, and narrowly escape many dangers. 

Bleeding.—To dream you are bleeding, denotes loss of goods and character, and that your sweetheart will not marry you. To dream you see another bleeding, indicates that some person who pretends to be your friend is about to take some great advantage of you. To dream you draw blood of another, denotes that you will recover a lawsuit and be successful in love and business. To dream another draws blood of you, is a certain prognostic that you will be unsuccessful in love and in business, and in everything you undertake. 

Blind.—To dream of being blind is a sure sign that you repose your confidence in some person who is your bitter enemy; it denotes also that your sweetheart is unfaithful and prefers another; in business it denotes that you will lose money, and that your servants lack fidelity. 

Boat.—To dream that you are on the water in a boat, provided you are in company, denotes prosperity and success in your undertakings. If you dream you are in a boat alone, it is a bad omen. To dream the boat oversets, is the most fatal of all omens. 

Bridge.—To dream you are crossing over a bridge is a good omen—it denotes prosperity through life, and success in love. To dream you are passing under a bridge, indicates that you will never be perfectly[11] at ease. If you meet with any obstruction on the bridge it foretells a fit of sickness; are you a lover, it denotes that your sweetheart will be afflicted with illness. To dream a bridge breaks down with you denotes sudden death. 

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