Dreams and their interpretation part 7: Bread, Brother, Building, Bulls, Burning, Butchers

Bread.—To dream you see a great quantity of loaves of bread, denotes success in life. To dream you are eating good bread, denotes that you will be shortly married. To dream the bread is musty and bad, denotes the loss of friends and that some near relation will shortly die. 

Brother.—To dream you see your brother, denotes a speedy marriage in your family and that the dreamer will not be long-lived; if you are in love it is a favorable omen. 

Building.—To dream of being amongst buildings, denotes that you will change your present place of residence and that you will make many new friends in life; if you are in love it foretells your sweetheart is about to remove at a distance from you, and that you will be in danger of losing the affections of your lover by a new face. 

Bulls.—To dream you are pursued by a bull, denotes that many injurious reports will be spread on your character. If you dream the bull gores you, or tosses you, then expect shortly to lose your liberty; it denotes that some person in power will do you an injury. 


To dream of burning doth imply,
A sudden danger, ripe and nigh;
Of all escapes you then beware,
For though fate threatens, it may spare.

Butchers.—To dream of seeing butchers is in general a very unlucky omen; it always foretells some injury to the dreamer. If you see them cutting up meat some of your friends will be hanged, and you will experience much misery and poverty.

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by Sethemba on April 23, 2020

Ngyafisa ukuchazelwa ngamaphupho ami

by Noxolo hadebe on April 21, 2020

Ngiyafisa ukwazi kabanzi ngamaphupho engiwaphuphayo futhi ngibona ukuthi ukubalana kuzongisiza kakhulu .ngingajabula uma ngingaba ingxenye yenu


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