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Dreams and their interpretation part 9: Beard, Battle, Bacon, Back, Basin, Beech, Myrtle, Beans, Beets, Burial

by Peter Vermeeren

Beard.—For a man to dream he has a long beard, denotes good fortune; if he is in trade, he will thrive; if he is in love, he will marry the present object of his affections, who will bring him some money; if he is a farmer, it denotes good crops, and an addition to his farm. If a married woman dreams of a beard, it is unlucky; it foretells the loss of her husband and that she will fall into great distress. If a maid dreams of a beard, it denotes that she will be quickly married and that the fruit of her womb is a boy. For a woman to dream that she has a beard is a very lucky omen, and denotes that she will speedily attain her most sanguine desires. 

Battle.—To dream of battle in the streets, forewarns you against secret enemies who will endeavor to harm you. If you are in love, your sweetheart is false to you. 

Bacon.—To dream of bacon denotes the death of some friend or relation and that enemies will endeavor to do you mischief. In love, it denotes disappointment and discontent. 

Back.—To dream you see your back, betokens some uneasiness; for the back to be broken or hurt, shows you will be scoffed at by your enemies; yet to dream of the backbone, signifies health and success in love, marriage and business. 

Basin.—To dream of a basin, signifies a good maid; and to dream you eat or drink therein, shows you have a love to the servant maid. For a man to see himself in a basin as in a glass, denotes he shall have children by a servant maid. 

Beech and Myrtle Trees.—Signifies wanton women and are good for those who would undertake any such business; to others they are pain and labor. 

Beans.—To dream you are eating beans always signifies trouble and dissension. 

Beets.—To dream of eating beets, signifies freedom from trouble and expedition on business, because they make the body soluble. 


To dream a burial passes by,
News of the living doth imply.

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