Combining Reiki and the Olympic Spirits

Combining Reiki and the Olympic Spirits

As a Reiki master and Sortiarius i always combine Reiki with the power of the 7 Olympic spirits because it makes a huge difference when helping people. Some of the effects of this combination are:

  • Increased energy
  • Better focuss
  • Deeper relaxation
  • Profound contact with the spiritual guides
  • Protection against negative energies/feelings

 What do you need to combine the Olympic Spirits with Reiki for your sessions?

The only things you need is that you must have master level in your Reiki system and be initiated to these Olympic Spirits. Most people only need an initiation to OCH , who is the healing spirit but if you really want to use the full power of these energies, i suggest you initiate to all of them. Each spirit will help the others and increases their powers for a more effective job.

These are some of the main powers of these 7 energies:

  • OCH: Healing and things related to men
  • PHALEG: Power and Energy
  • HAGITH: Love and Happiness
  • OPHIEL: Comunication and magic
  • BETHOR: Wisdom and Abundance
  • ARATRON: Working in past, present and future
  • PHUL: Divine inner self and All things related to women

Once initiated you can start your sessions as you do always by asking the help of masters past, present, future and the Olympic spirit you want to use in combination. This is all. Just don't forget to thank the Olympic spirit at the end of your reiki session.

We have different Initiations for Reiki Masters to the Powers of the Olympic Spirits

Aratron Initiation Phul Initiation Bethor Initiation
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Hagith Initiation Phaleg Initiation Och Initiation 
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Ophiel Initiation

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