How to become a Brand Ambassor for World of Amulets?

It's been a while since we started our brand ambassador program for world of amulets but there are still people wanting and waiting to get in our program.

Being a brand ambassador for world of amulets is a big responsability. You will be the person carrying our brand out there.

First of all let's see if you are fit to join our ambassadors program:

You like all things esoteric, metaphysical but above all you love, dream and eat magic. You have several amulets yourself and you are proud of them.

You have at least a few hours a week to share the WOA products through your social networks, blog, website, whatsapp and so on.

You love to make money doing what you like.

If all of this applies to you, you can go here and sign up, once you are approved you can start inmediatly


In these videos you can get a sneak peak of our program:



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