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How to take care of your magical amulets

by Peter Vermeeren

One of the questions that people ask the most is how they should take care of their magical amulets and rings. So here we go. First of all let me explain to you what you received from us.

When we make an amulet for a customer we first clean energetically the amulet with a special ritual (most of the time we use either the demon pad or the reiki pad to do this) Using these pads we cut the cleaning time and we have more time available for the consecration. After the cleaning process we will be doing the consecration. Each consecration is different and depends on the information the client gives us (full name, date of birth and place he or she lives. But it also depends on the kind of energy we will use for the consecration. Depending on the energy it must be done on a specific day and hour.

Sometimes it can take up to 10 days for the right moment to come up.

When the amulet or ring is consecrated it will be send to the owner.

How to handle your amulet:

Nobody can touch it, this is very important because the other persons energy can be transferred to your amulet. If this happens it can be wise to have a cleaning/charging pad at hand. If you don't have one, let us know and we will do the cleaning from a distance.

Even if someone touches the amulet, there is no need to consecrate it again. You will only need to clean it.

If you want to give extra energy to the amulet or ring, just place it outdoors during full moon for as long as you want. The longer you keep it in the full moon light the more extra energy it will absorb. You can also give offers to the energy that is bound to your amulet. Each energy has his specific offers. You can check on our site to see what offer you can give but as a general rule you can give incense, wine or flowers and fruit. DON'T ever offer blood to the spirit energies, they don't like. In fact, most of them will stop working for us because they detest this.

In case of a ring, all the above applies accept for other people touching the ring. This is no problem and will not affect the powers embedded in it.


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