How to use your amulet or ring?

How to use your amulet or ring?

Takaharu Sortiarius at Terra Incognita

One of the most recurring questions is "how to use the amulet" This article will help you using your amulet in the correct way.

Since all our amulets are activated, unless stated otherwise by a customer it is a very easy process.

First let me explain how our amulets are made. the silver or stainless steel amulet is laser engraved. After this first step we take a look at the energy calendar to know which is the best day and hour to activate the amulet or ring. Some of them can be activated several days/week but others can only be done once a week, month or even only once a year. When we have the correct moment we take the details of the customer (name, d.o.b., and city of residence) and we do a special activation ritual that takes anywhere from 30 min. up to several hours.

After this ritual, the amulet or ring is ready to be shipped to the customer

When you receive your amulet or ring, it is ready for you to use it. All amulets and rings take a full lunar cycle to adjust to your energy. You might experience results in a few days but the energy is not fully synchronized until after 28 days.

Since all amulet s and rings are activated for their specific powers and goals, there is nothing you have to do. The spirit powers embedded are a lot more knowledgeable than we. They will work for you without you intervening. In fact, trying to force them is counterproductive. They are not dogs you can command. At all times they must be treated with respect. Let them decide and do their job.

This is the normal and usual way of working with the amulets and spirits in them. To work more actively with them, you must have some experience at working with spirit energies. Each of them is different and requires a different approach.

Do's and don’ts

Amulets cannot be touched by other people because they can transfer their energy to them and if this happens they need to be re-aligned. (if this happens to you, don't worry. We can do a distance re-alignment for you.) As a WOA customer you can request 4 free ones/year.

In case it is a ring and it has been touched while you are wearing it, don't worry. Nothing will happen or has to be done

If you didn't wear the ring at the moment of contact it will need to be re-aligned the same as the amulets.

How about the summoning tiles and cleaning pads?

These are a different story. The cleaning/alignment pads are made for a very specific goal. There are 2 different types. The first one contains the Olympic Spirits and Archangels. This pad is for Reiki and Spirit energies that are not of demon origin. This pad can be used to clean, you just need to put the item on the pad and leave it there for 9 hours and the item will be completely clean. To charge an object, do the same but you will only need 5 minutes to charge it.

The second pad is the Daemon cleaning/charging pad. The procedure is exactly the same but this pad is only for amulets and rings of daemon nature. Cleaning 9h and charging 5min.

The Altar or summoning tiles contain all the information you need for this purpose, but again, you must be experienced in this. It is not recommended to do summoning rituals of energies you don't know. You need at least some meditation experience and the sensibility to detect the presence of a spirit energy. Together with the stainless steel pad, you will receive the secret summoning Enn and the ritual procedure. Some examples can be found here:

Ritual of Mammon

Ritual of Marbas

If you feel your amulet or ring is getting weak, you can put it in the moonlight during a full moon for as long as possible (at least 3-4 hours) This will give some extra power to the amulet (only for silver or stainless steel amulets)

What you might need

Daemon Pad

This pad is for all amulets and rings of daemon nature.

Angel Pad

This pad is for all amulets and rings of angelic or other energies nature, accept deamon.

Summoning Tiles

These are the summoning tiles for the different daemon.